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What are your favourite and least favourite Muse vids? Not the song, just based only on the video for the track.


Mine are:


Best - Time Is Running Out

Worst - Uno

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Truth be told i dont really like alot of Muse vids, but i dont dislike them either....they are kinda in the middle.


I like Plug In Baby, TIRO, Sunburn,


Kinda iffy are: Sing For Absolution, Stockholm Syndrome, Muscle Museum, Hyper Music, New Born, Bliss, Deadstar, In Your World (though the fret solo at about 1.20min rocks!)


I dont like: Uno, Unintended, Hysteria,



(p.s. I cant judge on Feeling Good as ive never been able to see the video :confused: )

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Well, I've actually seen them all now... thanks to Rage :D


Best: Muscle Museum... I like weird little stories in clips. Plus, it doesn't make me feel ill from excess camera movement.


Worst: Stockholm Syndrome. You get over the effect after a while. But I still don't really mind it though...


I also love New Born... it's really captivating for some reason. I don't really dislike any of their clips, but I don't think any of their clips are awesome... a lot of them are pretty similiar really.

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