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  1. if your in a band expect people to say "your band is shit, get off the stage" all i was implying in my frist post was "GET RID OF THE HISS BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE SHIT" if you cant take it then stop playing music. because your going to come across alot of people who are not gonna like it. not because it sounds horrible, but because people are gonna bue straight out assholes. yawn~~ dumbass
  2. what? im just helping you, next time record vocals with out hiss (if possible) and it might help the quality of the song. ... didnt say your song sucks or anything dumbass
  3. did he hear it with our without the vocals?????
  4. good job on the bass and drums, the guitar sounds a bit flat. but no mistakes so thats good
  5. im sure the vocals wont be necessary lol
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