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  1. My perfect setlist would be an utopic one: 1. Uprising 2. Map Of The Problematique 3. Butterflies & Hurricanes 4. Sunburn 5. United States Of Eurasia 6. Hate This & I'll Love You :LOL: 7. Blackout 8. Hysteria 9. Assassin (Grand Mega Boss version) 10. Citizen Erased 11. Exogenesis Part II 12. Hoodoo 13. Unnatural Selection 14. Space Dementia 15. Ruled By Secrecy 16. Hyper Music :LOL: 17. MK Ultra 18. City Of Delusion Encore: 19. Showbiz 20. Knights Of Cydonia The ":LOL:" face marks the likelihood of hearing them live ever...
  2. I'd totally take that for Wembley too. And I guess it could be a likely setlist I've heard RBS quite a lot back in 2004, but every time it literally gives me the chills. That's what I really missing from a Muse concert: a song that could move me to tears. Not that I'd be pissed if they didn't play for a Stadium Tour... (I really missed that kind of song in the Winter tour) But I would take RBS over Feeling Good (not a bad song at all, mind) immediately
  3. Totally ! The atmosphere/crowd has been probably the most amazing I have ever seen (even better than Wembley in 2007) . Though my favorite MUSE gig is still one I've been to in 2004 I see what you mean. Critisism could really gets tedious, especially when the aspects that are being criticised are always the same. Still, I don't like the attitude "If you didn't like every minute of it, then stop going". Yeah, it's like "if you are gonna rant about some scene of this TV show/movie for every episode, just stop watching". Complaints won't get me anywhere in that case too - and differently from a gig, I didn't pay to see that - but I still write them... Because I can. Nobody said you HAVE TO read them. Plus, I think Muse don't really mind that people complain but they still go to their gigs, even those across the national borders and have fun
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