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  1. I haven't been to the barclaycard arena since they had the referb but a lot of money has been spent so hope it'll be great inside I personally thoroughly enjoyed the last NIA/LG GIGS
  2. Awesome pics k41 Bloody amazing gig! I've got a bad neck (from struggling to see over people) and back and sides from jumping. But all in all brilliant!
  3. Anybody got any more reliable local taxi numbers? Mainline sevens don't take pre bookings for town EDIT: Found one £16 booked.
  4. I'm up and ready (ish) really excited for today if not a little nervous Hope they do come out for meet and greet and if they do I hope it's when I'm there as well!
  5. Just tried mainland sevens taxi. £20 to get back to the airport 😱 hope I don't miss the train
  6. Anyone got any taxi rank numbers incase we miss the train to the airport? According to google it's about 8.something miles to the airport and I would like a quote on taxi prices
  7. I rang the venue earlier and they said they haven't got times or anythig yet but curfew is usually 11pm and we should get out around 10:45. I gotta get a train back to the airport and my dads picking me up from there. No trains back to shropshire till either very early the next day or ridiculously priced.
  8. I won't be getting too early but I'll still be fairly close compared to how we normally are I reckon!
  9. Thanks guys. Really appreciate it Please just keep trying. I've been trying like 20-30 times a day since they went on sale and today just dropped lucky. Me and my friend are so excited! I stayed over near deansgate a few years ago and it wasn't too far away from the venue, just think might leave it too late to book a b&b for the night
  10. Don't believe it Just logged on the laptop and managed to get two tickets for Manchester!!!! I can't bloody wait! Can people help? Which is the best train station to get to? And how far is it to walk/taxi from there to the venue? Any help would be brilliant!
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