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  1. LiT

    Why ask something you already have the answer for...:/

  2. LiT

    Shame on you! :noey:

  3. Are you free for skype tonight? Can't do too long but I want to hear a friendly voice and check how you are doing x

  4. Dore said I could come up with her in Feb... maybe. I would love a noodly hug :happy:

  5. If that's when you're here yes. I'll need a hug because it will be COLD.

    I'll show you around if you've not been before.

  6. Yay! In February?

  7. You can have a hug if I see you in Liverpool. :D

  8. You promised that when you moved you would Skype with us. Now is the time Noodle-face, now is the time.

  9. Having dinner at friends'. I'll be home later!

  10. I'm on skype and you're not :(

  11. God Tom, you suck. Thanks though :happy:

  12. Happy Birthday (late), kiddo! :D

  13. Happiest of birthdays to you

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