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  1. Twas great, it really was thou brother, ugh just watched clockwork orange... He did suit flash! No way should ne1 ever do bohemian rhapsody, even the fantsastic muse, better than queen, could not do it right and noone wants to be remembered for butchering a classic, eg. madonna-american pie etc. *vomits in a bucket*
  2. Just thought I'd re-submit my revised clip faves and least faves! Faves-Feeling good & sunburn Least faves - Plug in baby & maybe Hysteria Please let up on poor s4a it aint that bad just kinda disappointing for such an impressive song!
  3. Just thought Id add that matt did a cute little rendition of flash gordon! he he! Kinda off topic but does ne 1 else that has the queen live at wembley dvd think that falling away with you sounds kinda like a queen song, ignoring the chorus? I dunno why it just kinda has a love of my life/is this the world we created/brian may sound to it! Maybe I'm nuts....???
  4. Yeah I totally agree for ne1 who has seen them live recently in TIRO matt plays the solo on guitar and it just ain't the same! :'( ! Same on hullabaloo with Sunburn I reckon!
  5. If there are any aussies here you'll know that on muse hosting rage they picked this song on their playlist, as well as some of the others you have mentioned. And before they played flash matt sang Flash aaaaaaaaah, yay it was sooooooooooo funny! Ugh... every1 talks about this yet still have not heard it... :'( Personally I reckon some rad covers would be; REM, Elton John (though they wouldn't wanna screw it up or they'd be crucified, not that they could have have a bad song), the immigration song- led zeppelin (hehe screaming matt) or Tori Amos, I'm not really sure what songs of these ppl but theres my spot!
  6. Yeah well some ppl haven't seen the s4a clip yet! How can you knock uno, it freakin rocks The shirt how can you beat that shirt? Best: Ugh, sunburn/Feeling good Least Best(they are all great):Ugh can't decide, probably hysteria
  7. I love newborn live but I reckon the contrast between the soft piano and loud grungy guitar is more powerful on the album. Chris needs to be way louder esp. when matt is screaming, u can hardly hear him. Deadstar on the album is rocking but I still prefer live, just.
  8. Just found this out on the rage thread, :'( ! Darkshines is a bonus live track on the Japanese DVD, and not on any other DVD release even as a hidden feature but its a standard track on the album. I think I will go and cry now... :'( , such a cool riff :'( . *holds the tears back*
  9. Actually I think I'll have to change my preferences on that one I really do love that piano, so... In your World - Album
  10. Thought I'd start this to get some opinions. Generally I prefer the live rock songs cos they are more gutsy! Heres my view but please lots of ppl say what u think! Dead star - live Microcuts - live Citizen Erased - live Sunburn - album Showbiz - live Megalomania - live Uno - live Screenager - undecided... both are so different Feeling good - probably live, although this is my fave clip Space dementia - live In your world - live Muscle museum - live Cave - live New born - album Hyper music - album Agitated - live Unintended - album Plug in baby - live Bliss - album though matt is extremely adorable when he trashes their stuff There you go! Also does anyone know why dark shines was left off the dvd but put on the cd?
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