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  1. Yeah, my sis will probably tape it for me (she's in grad school so she still benefits from the 4-months-vacation-a-year allowance *jealous look*) but I was hoping to be part of the audience... I know, I'm being a spoiled brat
  2. So is anyone going to be part of the Daily Download audience this friday? Thanks to my luck, my stupid company decided to send me on a biz trip I think I'm going to die of a heartache! :'(
  3. I couldn't make a collage of all the strange pix of Matt because he seems to be getting weirder by the day! And yeah, nothing beats that topless pic of him and the unidentifiable birds (some say chickens, some say pigeons, others say seagulls)
  4. Best ==> TIRO Worst ==> Muscle Museum (with the crying folks)
  5. Or get a region 0 dvd like I did...
  6. They're kicking off their tour in Atlanta... Sure it's only one city in the South but it's a least something. Hopefully they'll add more dates so they can add gigs in NYC (...and in the South too of course )
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