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Brit Nominations 2011

Green Mamba

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Well the 2011 media circus is upon us again with the nominations being announced.




So are Muse going to be nominated for anything this year? Or is everything with the Brits based purely on when CD's were released?


Best Group Mumford and Son's? What were they smoking?


I'd be surprised if they are not nominated for something. Never mind.

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Yeah I dont get the hype surrounding that album, I honestly cant tell the difference between each song

^The words of any person talking about anything in music they don't like.


"I don't like *insert random band that you don't know anything about*, all their songs sounds the same"

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If you think that' date=' you're an idiot and I have no time for you :phu:[/quote']

A lot of people think that. That's my point. Every time I hear the argument "all their songs sounds the same" I automatically assume "this guy has no idea what he is talking about", and usually I'm right.


Oh the amount of times I have heard that statement about Muse, Radiohead, Metallica, Kent, Sigur Ros...or just any band really.


And also, I don't like Metallica, and I would probably not know the difference between most of the songs on a random album on first listen.

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