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  1. Erm.....Holy F*** Had no expectation of that as an opener.
  2. Despite it saying more Cities to be announces, I never thought I would see London, Manchester & Bristol in the same list.
  3. I haven't hated any of the Simulation Theory singles so far, but nor I have loved them entirely. This though, I don't think I've loved a Muse track this quickly on one listen since I heard the Handler.
  4. This is the main problem with projectors, even the high-end ones that they were using (12 in total!) can chuck out so much light, this is why we were getting advised pre-gig to turn off the flash. The same visual were used for many songs on the current festival tour, they are so much easier to pick up on LED screens. The brightness/contrast doesn't compare. The visuals for Madness was far more enjoyable as backdrop on the festival setup, rather than on the wings. It didn't always make sense. The Handler certainly did.
  5. Lovely article and video from Moment Factory, those behind some of the visuals and more specifically the interactive elements of the video production. https://momentfactory.com/work/shows/concerts/drones-tour-muse English language button top right presuming it defaults to French.
  6. Two different systems entirely. The white balls on their costumes are the beacons for the black trax system, it allows normal rigged lighting fixtures to act as spot lights, eliminates the needs for actual follow spot operators being hoisted up. They were also used for the "Seeker" HFO drones tracking in the Arena shows as they were completely automated. The kinetics were used for several songs during the Arena tour, UD, Globalist, Handler, I'm probably missing something. It's just an input for live visual generation & tracking. On topic...The setlist seemed decent enough, I don't think the performance was bad, I just don't think they are the same band that people keep thinking of 10-15 years ago, they are in their 30's after all. In terms of the BBC stream, I've seen them enough times to know their live sound, the mixing was awful.
  7. There is already a "Stage Setup" thread that's quite in depth. I suggest amending these posts to that. http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=100561&page=16 The tour uses 24 trucks, the PA alone uses 32 rigging points. It has to go up in a certain order, companies like Brilliant Stages & Tait have had decades in making tours quick to assemble and pack away. Everything in the air weighs around 32 tonnes, that's why Zurich needed it's own free standing rigging solution, the building did not have the roof load capacity. The assembly time is not as long as you may think.T2L area tour only took 2-2.5 hours to load up into the trucks again. iZAu7ZfxtIM
  8. They are helium filled, so in theory they are weight neutral and require only small fans to produce the force required for the different axis of movement. Power I would imagine is a Lithium Ion battery of some variety. The AI is more of a live decision making based on a pre determined flight path with realtime tracking from 40+ cameras around the arena. Probably best making any further chat in the "Drones Stage Set Up" thread, this is posted here purely as a Muse in the Media link.
  9. The alternative is go to a bar for 1/2 hour, then just walk straight onto the tube. I'd also advise not using any transport that goes north via Blackwall Tunnel along with everyone else..
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