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  1. I like Blockades, I just really wish they'd at least added one extra layer in that final chorus. As is, feels a bit anticlimactic after the highlight of a solo. I'm not sure if I'd put it ahead of MK Ultra or not. I think Blockades benefits from much better production. And I kind of hate listening to studio MK Ultra just because of all the loud chirping sounds at the end. But overall it might be better than Blockades.
  2. Matt's really struggling vocally. Hope that's not how it'll be on tour.
  3. I hate hearing that guy that has to yell out "It's Time Is Running Out" in a matter-of-fact way before the song starts.
  4. His falsetto seems strained even on SMBH, like he's struggling to hold the notes...
  5. Pretty much how I feel. I think about half the album is really good, which makes it better than probably the last few albums for me, but still half the album really isn't good at all. So there's an annoying divide, especially when it's apparent Muse COULD still make an album that's really interesting all the way through. I do credit them for doing alternate tracks though, that's definitely a cool aspect.
  6. I still like this song, but it feels a bit flat all the way through. Especially the first couple choruses.
  7. When I was buying tickets for another venue the floor was only showing up as available for VIP purchases, but then I put in my code for a seat and suddenly the floor "unlocked" and showed up as available for pre-sale.
  8. Same exact thing happened to me. Sent me back to the original page for like 5 minutes with no way to get back in. Then randomly auto-refreshed again.
  9. Does GA tend to sell out quickly/eventually? I bought one for myself, but I'm sure I'll have a couple unsure friends due to the ticket cost. If I end up going solo I think I'm gonna regret not buying a front row seat on the side that was available. Oh well.
  10. I found mine in the promotions tab on Gmail. Don't know if that helps at all.
  11. I'm not finding where the prices are listed. Do you know if the $99 tickets are for GA?
  12. Matt said on the Radio X interview that that is theremin.
  13. Were presale codes supposed to be sent in a separate email? I'm not seeing any code anywhere, just an email saying my order had shipped, including Presale Access. The only reason I bought something was for the presale code.
  14. 1. Break It to Me 2. Propaganda 3. Algorithm 4. The Dark Side 5. Blockades 6. The Void 7. Thought Contagion 8. Something Human 9. Pressure 10. Dig Down 11. Get Up and Fight
  15. I usually hate rewinding songs, but sometimes I just have to keep rewinding that last minute. Matt's vocals, the dancy bass change, and the payoff at the end.
  16. Yeah, I usually don't mind that too much. Especially with something like Micro Cuts > Screenager, I think that works pretty well. It's just those bouncy pop synths (plus "My circuits have blowwwwn.") specifically, they're such a sudden buzzkill after the high of BITM.
  17. The transition from Break It to Me to Something Human is really starting to bother me a lot. I'll be so into BITM, a heavy, experimental, awesome track. Then just straight into those radio pop synths and snaps. It's also a bit of a bummer that my top 4 tracks are all in the first 5 songs. Blockades and The Void being my 5 and 6.
  18. I was a bit unsure of it from the start. It was never a favorite for me.
  19. I'm kind of starting to find it a little... boring? Idk, it just doesn't do much, and the one part it does is just really familiar synth sounds. I don't mean to say it needs to be epic or anything, it just feels a bit empty at times. The verses aren't doing much for me either. All that being said, I still like it, I just don't think it's really special at all.
  20. I really like it, but I have a feeling people won't view this one quite as highly down the road. Not sure in what way exactly, but I just feel like it could be a little better.
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