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  1. If only one, go with BITM. It's more standalone than the others, not really part of a narrative.
  2. I'm having trouble ranking the songs, which is a good thing cause there's like 6 songs battling it out with each other right now in the "great" category. This album turned out about as well as I could've hoped considering The Dark Side was the only pre-release single I really liked. And so far all the stuff I initially liked (but was sometimes unsure of) has fortunately only grown on me.
  3. That's not Terry Crews in the video (maybe that's not what you meant). I don't think this one is tied into the actual ongoing story, but rather just showing a glimpse of the aftermath inside the school. Which fits since the song is so different from the rest of the songs with videos. I like the actual horror vibe of it, mixed with the dancing.
  4. Posted in the album thread too, but this is incredible. Favorite music video of theirs without a doubt. Actually elevates the song imo.
  5. Wow. The Break It to Me music video actually just kinda blew me away. Absolutely perfect choice for the song, and way different from the others so far. One of my favorite things they've done. The video actually made me enjoy the song even more, which is rare. Edit: I guess this one could split opinions. Subreddit not seeming to like it so far ("filler").
  6. Really enjoyed the video. Maybe mainly cause of the music though lol
  7. Now we know we're probably not getting much besides ST + hits. They'll just throw a medley in there and count that as playing the old stuff. God that would be awful. And yeah, all that does is tease you with the stuff you really want to hear, so you're just like "Aw fuck :("
  8. Holy shit, Propaganda acoustic is seriously amazing. The instrumentation going on during the final part of the song is incredible. And this somehow has more impact than the normal version. I personally feel like Propaganda is the type of song that could really get big on the radio.
  9. Yeah the verses are just awful, they really take me out of the album. And they feel disconnected from the chorus.
  10. I'm pretty positive he says "you are the coder and avatar."
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