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  1. The Champions League final is an 8.00pm start and clashes. With two English sides in the final, take up on last minute tickets will be low. There may also be many people who bought tickets to this, looking to change plans.
  2. This was my 7th Muse gig and it was my 2nd favourite - the Download Festival in the UK ranks as my best. I think the two hour length and the metal medley adds a lot to this tour. It was noticeable that the standing crowd don't mosh for Muse as UK standing crowds do, however, the audience did seem to be really into it. I am not sure that the audience knew the ST album tracks, however, the well known songs were greeted very favourably.
  3. Five days here so far and my jet lag is still chronic. Not stayed awake later than 9.00 pm so far - which my UK body clock thinks is 5.00 am. I am going to have to rely on adrenaline to get through this one.
  4. There will be no issues with the tube or trains. Take the central line from Stratford to Holborn and then the piccadilly line from Holborn to Covent Garden. The transport issues may be in reference to closing roads around the Stadium for cars etc, to safely disperse people from the venue into the train station.
  5. Interesting. That is the gig I am going to on my holiday. I am an Englishman visiting that part of the world for the first time. Could not get standing, so I am seated in the lower level.
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