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  1. So I made this at college and its as close as I could get it to the Manson shape, but I want to paint it and change the pickguard colour. I'd rather it not be just black because I already own a black guitar:L Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you:)
  2. Hello creative people! I'm currently half way through my project of making a manson mb-1 replica, but I'm out if ideas for the body design :s If you have any ideas - muse related or not - they would be greatly appreciated thank you Posted from Muse.mu App for Android
  3. haha will do. I was thinking maybe putting some hazard symbols on it, something simple.
  4. That looks amazing!! Was it hard to shape the body? Because thats the thing i'm most afraid of
  5. haha true, I guess its sort of a substitute for the fact that I will not be able to afford a manson for at least the next 5 years
  6. Hi all, For my year 11 resistant materials final project I have come to the conclusion that I am going to make a guitar! I have decided that the shape is going to be roughly based on the MB-1 standard, but i'm really un-imaginative and I can't think up any designs. So, if anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate the inspiration. Thank you
  7. Nice ;)


    Haha, it took a while to get used to it at first. ;) I miss surfing now, haven't been since then...

    How's it going? Looking forward to xmas? :)

  8. nice :happy:

    trolololololololololololololololololololololol :pope: wtf :ninja:

  9. ya know straps and stuff :thumbsup:


    lol! you can surf!! wow! I can only lay on it and hope for the best haha

  10. Pula. On the coast. It was pretty gorgeous.

    lol Obviously. :p

  11. Hey brilliant :D I went there on the train with my friend a few weeks back. :)

    Love the Manson shop :awesome: I bought my bass there last year. Haha, what did you buy? :happy:


    And I went to Cornwall for a bit, learned how to surf properly. :D

  12. I went! Beer exploded on a guy, meet a few local musers etc... Good trip thanks for the help
  13. I went to the manson shop a coupla days ago :awesome:

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