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  1. did he know how to read music? Also, how does he make music?
  2. What was the music knowledge of Matt when he started Muse?
  3. Sorry but I can't find the exact tab that I want, if someone already post it please give me the link, otherwise help me directly in here. Thank you fellows
  4. What is the weirdest song of muse in your opinion?
  5. Does anybody know the tab of the solo on this show? What effects are used in this video?
  6. Can anyone give me the tab of the solo of this song? Thank you
  7. Does anybody know a head amp or a normal amp like diezel VH4?
  8. What kind of amp do you think he used for that concert? Who knows what kind of vocal distortion did he used?
  9. And my last question for now... What is the fuzz that he uses on the solo? I already have a zvex fuzz factory
  10. Thank you a lot I will try with both you are amazing thanks!
  11. Can someone tell me please the guitar effect used on the solo Stockholm Syndrome, the one he used on Earls Court, that kind of auto wah or something please:)
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