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    Forest National, 7.11.2003
  1. I think it's really cool, well played, sang strangely (second voice) at some moments but globally it's a success! ps: if you want some old saloon music (ragtime) / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_NOTEvvnPw
  2. Curisously the only musical dream that I remember of is a dream when I was playing "cant'buy me love" (the beatles),) : I was doing the specific guitar solo of this song while G.Harrison was playing some chords over that. But life is a dream, so everyday I dream ps: I love Muse
  3. My god it 's fucking cool! It seems really the real muse tune...at the beginning, because we want hear you sing!!But the whole thing is a fucking arrangement! Well done my guitar friend!, Ok.. now just after this message I will record a muse medley... but on a acoustic guitar, and without the "muse sound". Im so shmaed when I hear real rock band sound! but I like to understand matt's lines voice versus harmony via six strings (understanding why "it's a good note" (ex: oh ok it 's a second, etc.).But i can't upload videos when I want, [i must return to my parents home for that...hehe. So i rejoice to success to record medley of muse songs. Now matter, I like muse fans. I hope they will not kill me when I will present ti them a muse music.
  4. What a cool tattoo!! I have a lot of memories associated with muse, big memories. Learned music (Showbiz/Origin), had first love/sex moment on muse (Hullabaloo/Absolution), first deep psychedelic experience (The resistance), and now The second law give me really great moment. It's the best contemporary band, that's for sure, they have killed all the other and proved that they were far more better than any of those bands that we know. Matt is a fucking good singer, he can stand very high notes (while playing complex rythmic riffs), and a reaaly good composer, songwriter and all. Really I think he's a genius. Yes for me, Muse means "genius" in rock music history.
  5. Thank you Matthijs!! Pianohero your medley is great!Congratulations! There's a lot of tunes in it, it's very clean and well played, plus a cool point of vue. My first piano piece learned was new-born (very pedagogical with the arpeggios up and down)! Muse songs are so beautiful to arrange just for instrumental versions!
  6. Hello http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy0CzHgQab4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35fue1wrVBA Oh no i can't post directly here, please help me and tell me how to do it, thank you! Matt like Chopin, maybe he played this piece in the past. I will do a medley of fingerstyle muse covers soon, Have a nice day
  7. No "it's more like a channel who speaks to every hears with differents receptions"I mean "different ways of understanding"
  8. I think Matt's lyrics are great, full of messages for those who will understand them. I talk here about metaphysical meaning, related to the eternal and universal, not to our daily life and mind. When he sings, he knows that it's not "him alone"(even if, yes, he's the only master on boat, all comes from brain), it's more like a channel who speaks to every hears with differents receptions. It's often conforting or moving messages. I love Muse
  9. I am looking the DVD in Rome, it's fucking amazing, Matt is at his best, all the songs/compositions/tunes are great
  10. Song writer > words composer > music Great artists are often both, but, for exemple : Michael Jackson didn't compose all his music (he had some great bands for arrange or create music on his ideas), but the words of the songs are his own, I think. Matthew Bellamy is a great great great song writer in every sens, words and music .
  11. Kurt Cobain ? Hey, he made great melodies and harmonies with one chord of 2 notes (c-g-c'; power chord), but put everywhere. Nirvana's music is more subtil than we can think first time. Seriously, yes I am bad in english, sorry. I just want to say that I know music a little bit, and muse is great, in arrangements, ideas, sounds, colors, structures, all in all. In fact I feel lucky that english is not my mother language, because it make me hear and listen the music before the message.And I think that Matt said in an old interview (french tv)that words are secondary, it's music first when he compose. I learned guitar with muse 10 years ago, I really want to record a medley of picking version of some of their tunes in near futur, I will post it on my youtube channel. Have a nice day
  12. I am i big fan of muse. I love this band more than any other in music history. I play renaissance lute and ragtime guitar, and i often transcribe muse for solo guitar. Every song is beautiful, in each album. I can't say a lot. I love muse. Matt understand a lot of thing, he surely had a lot of true psychedelic experiences in his life, even 2 or 3 is enough. I think to that when I listen his words, related to our loneliness, and his own, face to eternity. He's an exemple for us, every humans and musicians on earth. Muse make me cry and laugh, every notes and chords, every words and sentences. They're the best, Thanks God for their crazy music
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