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  1. Best album opener since AP imo
  2. 1. OoS 2. Absolution 3. BHAR 4. ST 5. TR 6. Showbiz 7. Drones 8. T2L The only thing that might change are positions of TR and ST. For now I think I like ST more as a whole.
  3. I want so hard to like it but I can't it's just.. bad, plain bad. The only song I truly dislike on the album. I even somehow appreciated SH after the acoustic version.
  4. I hated it as a single but on the album it kinda works. It's still cheesy and rather mediocore, but I even might not skip it.
  5. It's a great song but I dislike the drumming in the verses. I felt like the synth melody form the beginning was going somwehre, but it ended up being covered by generic drums. Other than that I loved it.
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