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  1. 15, 18 and 20 are the big ones here. 20 meaning you can buy alcohol for home use(18 for drinking in pubs, restaurants and such, which I'm sure Dee and I have already said a few times) and...probably some othet stuff that I can't remember.

  2. :LOL:


    I am good. I've been having a friend over for the weekend, and I also had some birthday celebrations with relatives.

  3. Because I hope that you some day will be able to just say "fine, I was wrong" without a fight or blaming others at the same time :awesome:

  4. Noooo, I would never use sarcasm :awesome:

  5. :LOL: No, never heard of them...
  6. You will never know for sure :awesome:


    Oh and also, I read that last thing as "THAT he posted without reading it", which explains my nonsense response :LOL:

  7. You could never hate me. I'm far too awesome and you know it.

  8. That makes us even. :awesome:

  9. Just drop it ELAINE.



  10. And I hate you for it too :phu:

  11. Yeah. I was slightly pissed off because of something you said, not because of the ignore thing :p DOn't worry about it.

  12. I've never had you on ignore :LOL:

  13. Yep, was gone for a few months :p


    I've been good. Living on my own, watching Top Model and eating candy all day :happy:


    What about you?

  14. Haha, I would have posted it on the right date, but I was actually banned at the time :LOL:

  15. Not sure how active I can be without a mic or cam, but sure :LOL:


    And my name is in the contact info like everything else :awesome:

  16. That depends on when "later" is :p

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