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  1. well yeah ofc there is, doesn't make it feel less shit though :<


    Listened to the whole thing but I am tooo fucking tired to say anything atm. Been sleeping like 3-4 hours a night in a tent and drove for 7 hours to get home today. Goodnight <3

  2. But that's the thing, I fucked up because I gave the impression that I wasn't interested in her in that way because I didn't take my chance to have sex with her. When I really was just a bit awkward and...too sober. Meh. It's not like she turned me down.


    Thanks for the links, gonna listen soon.

  3. Thing is that we still spent most of the festival together, she just slept with other people. Ugh.


    Haven't seen the interview, link it!

  4. Jealous because of a girl I met there and really liked that I kinda fucked it up with and she moved on to someone else quite quickly. Felt really shit about it for a while.


    I know that feeling! First time I heard MK Ultra and Resistance <3 shame that they only got worse after that :<

  5. Direct quote from a text I sent to a friend of mine during the low point of the festival: "Fucking hell I feel like shit. Not physically, just pissed off, bored as fuck and probably quite jealous which makes me even more pissed off (at myself for being jealous)"


    But the first day after we got our tent set up was great. But it was very up and down, and the ups weren't that great. Some good gigs though.


    Not sure yet, read the thread for it to see what I've said so far.

  6. It just scared the crap out of me. Came out of nowhere really. But I'm superman.

  7. Hat

    Your face is derp

  8. Stage it too look like suicide due to the unjust cancellation of Firefly.

  9. I didn't realise she was yours. :(


    But you are welcome to do all those things anyway.

  10. The charts have never shown a wide variety of good music.

  11. It's up to you!




    Pff, the charts these days are great. And it's not like even 1 percent of the music today is displayed in the charts. There have been loads of good albums this year.

  12. You could also be older. Thank god that you're not. The younger the better, obviously.


    The harmonica at the end <3


    hmm I dunno, I just know that music atm is amazing

  13. Holy shit you're young.


    the vocals in this one(from the old demo) <3333


    00 beats 90s

  14. Ours? First release was in 94. A demo that he barely wants to talk about anymore, but it's my favourite album by them.

  15. Probably one of the strongest voices in today's music.


    Otherwise, check out:



    The best description of their current music would be Muse+U2.
  17. He. Is. Amazing. :phu: (Singer and songwriter of Ours)
  18. Hat

    Sounds like a plan. Let's do this.

  19. That depends, what's the alternative?

  20. leave me alone

  21. shut up gooby



    I've found someone else.

  23. fine, be that way

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