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  1. Happy birthday :awesome:

  2. You know I love you.

  3. Yep, it's indie and "original".


    And all Scandinavians musicians want is to be original and fight the "never stick out" mentality of the society.

  4. :awesome:


    She was on nevermind the buzzcocks not too long ago I think :awesome:

  5. You didn't notice that yesterday? :LOL: I changed it while we were talking.


    Mette Lindberg

  6. Oh well. OFC SHE'S A LESBIAN TOO. They all are, damnit :< (The girl in the pic)



  7. Would be kinda weird if I called a 15 year old my latest obsession, wouldn't it?


    ...okay, I get that you assumed that :(

  8. No! And pff, not obvious at all! Well...obvious since it looks like a boy, which means that it has to be a girl.

  9. Haha, what do you mean you don't get it. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GUESS THE SEX.

  10. I'll have it until next christmas.

  11. Random Swede. Saw her live on P&L last year, Just happened to walk by and liked what they soundchecked. Stayed for the whole gig(for like 20 people) and I loved it.

  12. Adelvice is lovely too.

  13. http://martingrech.bandcamp.com/ This site has most of his songs. If you want to be blown away by vocals, I suggest the b-side section, and songs like Guiltless, Draw Blood and Spit-Bowl.
  14. Well I still have spotify, so yes I can :p

  15. My main computer AND my laptop is in the place where I live on my own. I'm at the familys house now.

  16. Around 40 000 if I remember correctly. Not sure though, not on that computer atm.

  17. Where are you :(

  18. Sorry, I'm awful at replying in my boat. I never check the love boat section :LOL:


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your start of 2012 was better than mine :awesome:

  19. Happy birthday <3

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