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  1. For some reason the board didn't tell me I had a notification??


    Thank you for the birthday wishes :kiss:

  2. Hat

    Well yeah, I'm still on both skype and facebook.

  3. Hat

    Well you haven't spoken to me either! But let me tell you, I most definitely probably exist.

  4. Nah it became way too vague what was "best" after a while, and I lost interest.

  5. Hayley Williams


    two of the best new songs. And yeah The Alternative was worse. The actual music was good, but despite having 100/100mbit broadband it kept freezing during every single song. And 15 bucks for a 40 min stream really isn't worth it.

  7. More stuff like Autumn would definitely be nice. Judging by the new stuff they've been playing live, I think it's gonna be great. Did you catch any of IAMX' live streams btw? If you didn't I can just tell you that you didn't miss much. Half an hour gig that froze and cut out followed by half an hour Q&A with answers like "maybe", "I don't know" and the very exciting "perhaps".

  8. About Muse? Well it's the usual "It's gonna be heavy, and back to the basics", and they're expecting it to be out next summer. Pain of Salvation has already finished their album, and dunno what they're waiting for at the moment. Could just be acoustically reworked songs though, not sure.


    Ours are apparently planning their most ambitious album ever, and Jimmy Gnecco expects it to take quite a long time. It's definitely gonna be interesting.

  9. haha no worries, I wasn't expecting a review. My comment about it having been a year was more about how out of the blue my message was. So, new Pain of Salvation album on the way, not to mention new OURS ALBUM. The future is looking bright. (and there's that muse band too, in case anyone cares)

  10. It's been like a year, did you ever get around to listening to that Grech type?


    /not random at all

  11. Because I'm occasionally mean.

  12. It went too far when I was rejected by a girl irl because she recognised my nickname.

  13. ikr :awesome: Yeah, start with Unholy. He has loads of good songs that aren't on any album though, sadly he removed them all from his bandcamp in a rage one night. He's a bit emotional.

  14. http://martingrech.bandcamp.com/track/holy-father-inferior


    I know it's long, but goddamn is it worth it. Otherwise this one is more straight to the point: http://martingrech.bandcamp.com/track/i-am-chromosome

  15. Jeff used to be my favourite singer but I've grown a bit tired of him. Way too nasal live for me. And yeah, same name but with some added fives.


    Have you heard Martin Grech?

  16. Andrej <3 And yeah they're both some of my favourite vocalists. Especially Gnecco(which is why I made a 10 minute long range video about him)

  17. Yeah. And Daniel Gildenlöw is <333 Even bigger fan of Ours though, which are also in your "about me" page. WELL DONE!

  18. I would just like to congratulate you on your exceptional music taste(brought to my attention by your username)

  19. It is quite nice, isn't it? I'm very proud.

  20. Thank you for the lovely card Clare <3

  21. Why thank you. You know what would be the best birthday present ever, right? :awesome:

  22. It dont have any. :<

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