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  1. Why did you never call me back like you promised? You lying cow.

  2. Hat

    My face is so amazing it defies logic. Ask anyone.

  3. Hat

    I make everyone look anything but good.

  4. Hat

    No it makes you look sad

  5. I don't think we need to be so anal to lock it just because it has game in the title if the content isn't actually a game :LOL:


    "Create the Frankenstein's monster of Muse albums"

  6. ie it's not a game thread. It just has game in the title, but if that's locked, then so should pretty much every list thread.

  7. The "Album game" thread is about as much of a game as the "list your favourite songs of each album" style threads, just saying :p

  8. What are you back from?

  9. Pretty up and down. Relationship problems, doubting my life choices and all that. But in general I'm pretty happy, and getting better every day after the issues :)


    How are YOU

  10. oh god you horrible person


    I did too though.

  11. I'm supposed to sleep :(

  12. Straight is just another word for closet homosexual.

  13. Haha, Mercuries.


    He has a higher voice, but he regularly hits lower notes live than Freddie did so.

  14. Oh yeah, Lost from the same gig(Ours). Probably the hardest Ours song there is to sing, and he puts it at the end of the gig. He does it surprisingly well.


    And that note in Another One Bites The Dust is like Eb5/E5, right at the top of Freddies range, something he never did live. He barely went above C5 even in his best days iirc(in full voice ofc, he did a bit higher in falsetto)

  15. His pitch control is actually the worst part of his singing :LOL: It's quite common that he's slightly flat or sharp on sustained notes.


    Studio and a shit song, but daaaamn that ending


    would love to have seen Freddie try that :LOL:
  16. the end of an Ours gig ;)



    Near the end of two Pain Of Salvation gigs:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS8LLLYF17k (5.05 holy fuck)

  17. My point about the baritone thing is that "the average range of a baritone is E2-E4" is quite a redundant statement when the requirement to be a baritone is to have an E2-E4 range.


    He's covered about 3.5 octaves in total, and regularly uses around Bb2-G5 live. That performance was quite near the end I think, and I could link you more :p

  18. 10.00 to the end. Just thought I'd show you someone who sings twice as hard material, moves around a lot on stage and still manages to sound amazing from start to finish ;)


    Queens songs are actually too easy for him. When performing with them live he usually brings up notes even higher for the lulz(and to not get bored I guess)

  19. We make a good team, you and I.

  20. I'm usually not a big fan of them, but depends on who does them ofc. Artists like Skrillex and Nero can at least make some good original songs. And if Muse ever were to collaborate with people like these, I'm sure that they would just take the basics and ideas from the remixes(and say it in interviews even though people would miss it)

  21. lol don't worry I read it all.

  22. Technically best would be like...Micro Cuts, Survival, City Of Delusion or Sing For Absolution. Prague is really good too.


    OOut of those, only CoD is among my favourite vocal performances though. Along with Eternally Missed, Redemption and Showbiz. Ruled By Secrecy too.

  23. :happy:


    Just sick :( Fucking cold.

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