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  1. Can you vote for me pls

  2. There are some quite funny prejudices about me on here. For example that I would be a music elitistic douche. Really funny considering that most of what I listen to these days is mainstream pop.


    Another funny one is that I hate Muse and everything they do these days. IBTY and Redemption are both in my top10 muse songs, along with SMBH.

  3. The reason I take part in such a huge amount of arguments is down to a bunch of factors.


    1. I have a lot of free time. Work 2-3 days a week, and study from home.

    2. I have a lot of opinions, and I'm interested in a lot of subjects(while a lot of people here only seem to care about one or two subjects, which I find really weird. I'm keeping myself up to date on everything from music and vocals to football, to politics and education)

    3. I hate ignorance, and will take every chance I have to tell the people in question this :>

    4. A lot of arguments actually stem from people disagreeing with me. The setlists for example. Not that anyone believes it, but I very rarely started the arguments that kept popping up back then. If I called a setlist shit, 10 people disagreed, called me a whining idiot or just said that Muse can do no wrong. And then they blamed me for actually defending my reasons. Like I said back then, if you don't want me to argue, don't argue with me. Simple as that.


    Lets see, which number am I on? 5? Well, it's dinner time so I'll have to postphone the rest of the post for now.

  4. I have a good answer for that, but I'm not gonna write it on my phone, so it'll have to wait til tomorrow

  5. Says the person who started this argument.

  6. You have a weird definition of "a lot"

  7. And you clearly missed the joke which was that CarrieB would call it the best song ever after having heard that snippet. And if you don't think that's wrong, then you're wrong :)

  8. What makes you think it bothers me?

  9. It's worth laughing at them for praising a few seconds of a single orchestral instrument of a melody. No idea where you're getting the song thing about, I very rarely even give a fuck abou which songs people like. And when I do, it's because they give reasons for liking them that actually can be debated. Like praising uprising because it's the lowest matt has ever sung.

  10. Was there something specific you wanted to talk about or just talking in general?

  11. No follow back? How rude. :phu:

  12. Well, if you lower a song by half an octave then it's bound to be in a lower key. But artists usually lower the songs like a semitone or a tone, it's really unusual to lower it more. But if it's covers, then that's a whole different matter. Adam Lambert played Starlight like half an octave higher.


    And in 99% of the chases, it's because the singer isn't comfortable with the original key. Like Bellamy lowers SFA, Starlight, MK Ultra and Darkshines in R/L.

  13. The self titled one is a bit more industrial, and less polished. Wish Upon A Blackstar is where most of the songs I've linked are from, a bit more electronic and dubstep influenced, but also a bit more pop-ish songwriting.


    Then there's the "Soundtrack for the voices in my head" volumes, which is mostly stuff that he as written for movies, trailers, video games etc. A lot of instrumental stuff. Like this(probably Tool inspired) song


    I'd say start with the self titled.

  14. Been doing some research (lol) and Klayton is the guy who effectively is Celldweller, right? Like Jamiroqua and Nine Inch Nails? It's awesome stuff! I can imagine Muse trying this, and doing it well, but with no experience in this area, I doubt they could top this. I really hope they do at least experiment with it though, could be a beast live.

    Correct. It's very much a one man show. He plays every instrument and sings. (Except for the drums on some tracks on the self titled album)


    For more dubstep+metal:

  15. I got it, I haven't bothered to edit it.

  16. Hat

    Haha, I SURE HOPE SO ;)


    Oh and, then I apologise for the rather mean comment about sad life :p

  17. No worries, I don't really think about it. So things are pretty good atm, Life is nice.


    How are you?

  18. Haha, I noticed. Hmm...oh right, it was my father who basically told me he was homophobic, and that being gay was unnatural and wrong.


    I wasn't too happy, spent the rest f the evening trying not to cry.

  19. :<


    what about

  20. Well you DO listen to shitty music. It would be weird if you didn't come across something good eventually. ;)

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