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    First encounter with Muse in 99. So I am 20 years old now.
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    Music (=Muse), art, technology and nature. And sport, especially voetbal.
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    Independent artist
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    Only one. But i like going to unknown festivals and bands. Mostly rock.
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    Not really. I am too ADHD. Documentaries are better to keep my attention, depending on the subject.
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    All CD's and many more downloads.
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    Whenever possible (which is never enough)


    Pinkpop 2002/2004 Nijmegen 2010 Amsterdam 2012/2013 Pinkpop 2015 Amsterdam 2016 Cologne 2016 Hamburg 2016 Lowlands 2016 London 2018 Nijmegen 2019 Cologne 2019 Amsterdam 2019 London 2019 ..................................

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  1. No I am not patient, but I have to I guess. Can't wait for Muse performing from Mars.
  2. Just uploading that infected my laptop/thanks for that/
  3. Can't wait to hear some new stuff, I'm sure it will be awesome as ever.... Now is the time to release the film they recorded in London at the O2 last September: I do miss the gigs and tours!
  4. Just today, because I was curious to see is there was anything left.... i bought a standing (GA) ticket for Sept 15.
  5. Stage will be much easier to see for everyone than it was at Nijmegen. Cologne was a great venue, outside in a small stadium. As far as I know Ziggo has a roof, is intimate and has excellent acoustic.
  6. Yes its far from the city centre, but easily accessible with train or tube to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station. Then just follow the masses. Lots of food and drinks around. Toilets I'm not so sure. Where are you staying? Queueing is organised.
  7. Ok, I admit, it has gone too far, buy I can't stop it: I am a collector of Muse official merchandise (T-shirts and hoodies). My goal was to be able to wear a different piece every day of the month. I succeeded. I want to know if there are other Musers around who have the same addiction. And maybe we can swap or exchange tips for finding gems.
  8. I sure did have fun! I think the Cologne gig was better than Nijmegen, although they had the same setlist. It was the venue that I really liked, great stadium, all the visuals were good to see for everyone. Nijmegen crowd was huge, on a large field with wind and lots of sun opposite the stage. But I enjoyed it, and so did my sons (14 and 15). i had to buy them a hoodie and a t-shirt, so that's a good sign, hahaha! How was it for you?
  9. HI Sabine, wow, that is great! I have been to many Muse concerts myself, but tomorrow I'll take my sons with me for their first live Muse experience in Nijmegen. And then I'm off to Cologne without them (so I can really go wild, hahaha!). Have fun and maybe we'll see eachother!
  10. I'll be at the Nijmegen gig tomorrow (taking my sons to their first Muse gig ever). Can't wait! But after I bring them home, I'll travel to Cologne by myself, so I'm up to meeting some fellow "einzelgangers!" (I am from the Netherlands)
  11. Hey Greg, man what a tour! If you happen to be in the Netherlands at June 27 or at Cologne at June 29, i"d be happy to help you! Have fun!
  12. Hey mensen! Nog een kleine week. Maar wat een pech... namelijk auto.... wie o wie rijdt ons van Arnhem naar Leeuwarden/of mij van Arnhem naar Keulen? 28 juni. Ha, niet meer nodig!
  13. Een vriend heeft een MOJO presale link voor 12 sept gekregen. Die begon vandaag om 10u. Nog meer mensen die zo'n email hebben gehad? Schijnt gisteren verstuurd te zijn (klein detail: zat in de spambox).
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