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    First encounter with Muse in 99. So I am 20 years old now.
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    Music (=Muse), art, technology and nature. And sport, especially voetbal.
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    Independent artist
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    Only one. But i like going to unknown festivals and bands. Mostly rock.
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    Documentaries are better to keep my attention, depending on the subject.
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    All CD's and many more downloads.
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    Whenever possible (which is never enough)


    Pinkpop 2002/2004 Nijmegen 2010 Amsterdam 2012/2013 Pinkpop 2015 Amsterdam 2016 Cologne 2016 Hamburg 2016 Lowlands 2016 London 2018 Nijmegen 2019 Cologne 2019 Amsterdam 2019 London 2019 ..................................

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  1. Hi claudia. My birthday is 25 march.But muse
  2. Plus they have at least one show next year that they’ll need to rehearse for. .... I like the positivity. But the one show at a festival next summer.... seems less and less plausible. Unless you refer to another show? ---- Why should Chris be excluded? .... It is not that I think Chris is excluded, and please no! But for me I was worrying because there is nearly nothing that gives me the impression that Muse is working. I can only see Matt working with his projects. As much as I like that, it's just a bit disturbing to me. I think in 2021, we will hear some new Muse material, just as they probably planned. Hopefully it's not based on Matt's solo projects.
  3. Hi, I do remember this! I haven't got the screensaver, love to get it myself again. Unfortunately in 2000 I had no computer (yes, that world existed), and my first one since 2001 has called it quits in 2011. All we have are memories?
  4. If there ever is someone who has Citizen.... last time I heard that song live was in 2016. For me the best experience was the Bizarre concert in 2000. (Yes I am old)
  5. I don't have a full recording. But I love Stockholm Syndrome I managed to capture in London last year. (don't know if I can post the link here). Oh how I do miss going to live gigs.
  6. Better be about protests than lullabies or covering songs from the 1940's. Hope Chris is included.
  7. Not unseen...not unheared.......Thanks so much
  8. Now I have urged one of my sons (the one with an Apple account) to install I Tunes on my laptop. So now I have to go to the supermarket to buy a iTunes card. Hmmmm. No availability. Any other option? It;s not like i'm living in Europe. Oh wait, I am.
  9. I love the Jaded Hearts. it seems like they try to beat Muse for being the best cover band ever.
  10. Can't find it there. pretty annoying to not be able to purchase the digital version yet. But I'll wait patiently...
  11. Van ellende kijk ik nu maar naar de EL finale. Enkel omdat dat in het Rheinenergie in Keulen is. Tsja. Dat zegt wat hahaha.
  12. Ik heb ergens gelezen dat dat wel gaat gebeuren, maar vooralsnog zie ik daar nog niets officieel over helaas. Nu wacht ik op de download digitaal, maar die is not available in your country...... Na ja, ik kan best nog een dag langer wachten....
  13. I just realised this week that it has been almost a year since I was in London at the O2. I do miss planning to go to Muse gigs since then... Hopefully that will be possible in the next future.
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