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  1. I’ll be trying for Brizle too. When I bought two tickets for the Manchester gig through the early access system, I don’t recall being given any choice of seats, so I was given seats way way up in the furthest stand. Having failed utterly to get RAH tickets, I just counted my blessings, but in retrospect, did I miss something out?
  2. Guys, please stop calling it Propaganda... It’s PropaPropaPropaPropaPropaPropaganda. (Yes, the song brought a smile to my face too. I like my Muse best when they’re propa batshit crazy.)
  3. Might try that. Actually I’m getting quite philosophical in my old age, but I’m more disappointed for my youngest, who was to accompany me. At 12, and entirely self taught, he’s turning out to be a natural pianist. He certainly didn’t get that from me!
  4. No luck. All gone within 4 minutes! Old arthritic fingers not quick enough. Nvm. It’s a smallish venue anyway, so it was very limited. There’s always next year’s tour to look forward to, and I’ve just saved some money so the family won’t starve at Christmas
  5. I’m guessing Saturday will be The Dark Side plus something from their back catalogue.
  6. Dig Down carries a lot more emotional weight in this version. It has more room to breathe, as it were. It’s the classic Muse build up to a crescendo (as with Ruled By Secrecy, for example). And a good showcase for Matt’s dynamic range. Edit: Apologies for the redundancy. Crescendo is by definition a gradual increase in loudness!
  7. I thought the whole point about the media’s constant recycling of / discussion of the worldview of Trump and his ilk is that they are unwittingly doing his dirty work for him - hence Thought Contagion, for contagion is what it is. (However, I do think the song is lyrically lazy, as if Matt wrote it in a hurry.)
  8. That’s a good shout. I’d throw in Panic Station as well. Thanks for all the suggestions. It’s a good excuse to give closer scrutiny to some songs I’ve been neglecting lately.
  9. I’d be very interested to hear your views on which tracks best exemplify the guitar, piano, bass, drumming and vocal skills of the band - from the perspective of all you practising musicians. Top ten examples of each would be nice, but it needn’t be that restrictive. If you can say what you like most about individual examples, so much the better. The aim is for me to create compilations so I can turn my bandmates on to my favourite group. Some of them are proving kind of stubborn.
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