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  1. Kmusecian

    Doms Drums

    Both of the cymbals are medium-thin, so there is not a huge difference, but the sweet ride's ping is a little brighter so it should come through a little better than the K dark's. The dark ride will be a little easier to crash though when compared to the sweet ride because it's a tiny bit smaller cymbal, and the dark ride has a little less weight because of it. But one thing with Zildjian's rides especially, is that they tend to have a quite big scale of "acceptable" weights for a given cymbal. E.g. a quick youtube search shows K custom dark 22" rides ranging from 2410 grams to 2889 grams, and A sweet rides ranging from 2746 grams to 3025 grams. So you never know what kind of unit you're getting unless you can try them out in person or purchase from a place that sells the cymbals by weight. But the best thing to do is probably just listen through a ton of them, and getting an opinion which cymbal generally sounds better to your ears. I'm currently playing an 23" A Custom 25th anniversary medium-thin ride (which is very similar to an A sweet ride, the A Custom just has a little smoother lathing and a brilliant finish on top), and it's by far my most favourite and most versatile ride cymbal I have played. It crashes easily, it's got a good wash but the stick definition still comes through, and the bell is bright and cutting. I played around with a 22" K Custom dark ride about a month ago, and it's ping was definitely a little darker when compared to my A custom 23", but it wasn't too far off.
  2. Kmusecian

    Doms Drums

    Yeah definitely happy that he added china cymbal again!, He also switched his hi-hats from K light 15" to K Sweet hats (most likely 15", but size is unconfirmed) and his ride back to the 23" A Sweet ride (Dom had K light ride 22" for the ST promo shows, K Constantinople 22" thin overhammered for most of the U.S. tour and K Custom special dry ride [no idea of the size, probably 21"] for the last show of the U.S. tour) Kinda depends what type of sound you are going for. Both are pretty versatile, washy and easily crashable. From my experience, the K custom dark has a little less ping and stick definition and is darker (as the name implies) than the A Sweet. The A Sweet ride is a little more pingy and the bell is a little more cutting. Dom used the K custom dark for the entire T2L tour and the A Sweet for the entire Drones tour, if you preferred the ride sound in one of those eras over the other. In case if you want something that is a lot more pingy and cutting (but less crashable) similar to older Muse songs/tours, something like 22" K Custom medium ride or 22" A custom ride would fit better for that kind of purpose. It would be good if you have the possibility to try both of them in person, but it's also good to listen to sound samples from youtube (Memphis drum shop has a ton of cymbal demo videos)
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