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Who is more important to the band?  

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  1. 1. Who is more important to the band?

    • Chris Wolstenholme
    • Dominic Howard

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no Chris,no Muse,no Matt,no Muse,no Dom,no Muse:)


Agreed, but that doesn't mean they're all equal in their levels of contribution. You can argue one is better instrumentally, more charming, a better performer, or whatever you feel matters. I don't wanna here any more of this Three Musketeers attitude. No "one for all and all for one" stuff here. Choose Porthos or Aramis, damnit!

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Dom - good drummer for them, his style fits perfectly with the songs (but is he told what to play by matt? hmm...there IS audio of Matt telling Dom how to play) So you could lose him and the band could carry on...However an advantage for Dom is he is the SPEAKER of the band...


Chris - said to be one of the best bassists around by many musicians and audio engineers and so fits in with the "bloody good band" image.


But he doesnt talk. :LOL:


HOWEVER when he does talk he was the nicest member of the band....



Tough call....

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Guest Fluffy the Conqueror

what a stupid thing to ask.


Like, what's more important, your right leg or your spine?



I have a better poll... who would win in a fight? VladieShark or dakota fanning? :yesey:

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Aren't most threads pointless? Listing your top 10 favorite songs or ranking your favorite albums isn't exactly productive. Sure, this thread is a waste of time, but we all need to waste time somehow, and that's really probably why you're on the forum to begin with. Either have fun with it or don't. Whining is easily the most pointless thing one can do on a thread (unless there's some fun to be had in it, but I don't see that here). I find this thread to be kinda cool now, mainly because of how equal the votes are between the two. Overall, it's becoming a good compliment to the band.

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