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  1. you forgot its half adverts so it will only be an hour and a half of coverage I am glad I planned ahead and watched a BBC one stream -___-
  2. I am back with another shotgun mic questionnnnnnnnn. Anyone use the sennheiser k6 series mics? If so, how much do you love them. I found some combos on ebay for cheap but I havn't used the k6 series. EDIT: nvm I just bought them, if anyone cares to know how they sound I can post a review once I receive them. Got them for super cheap so I couldn't pass up.
  3. Alright, yea here in the Studio everyone kept bitching and moaning about Rodes, but they keep going on and on about Sennheiser and AKG or Gefell yadda yadda but for my personal collection, i do not have that kind of caaaash so bwomp. But thank you for your input I've tried to listen to some demo's, but I am one to rather play with it myself and hear it from what I've done and I always get skeptical about reading reviews online about them, could be hired people saying the good things cause Rodes mics seem to be split in the middle on love/hate. But yea Idk if I would use the shotgun on recording guitar if that's what he was using it for. But thank you for your input on it I shall take that into consideration while shopping around.
  4. tried listening to it again and again and again aaaaaaand again. I still can't get into it :| I have tried, it's just balk. It gets epic for like a tiny bit then it just fwomps. I get it's for the olympics but it's just tooooooooooooooo olympic-y.. WINNNNNNNNNNNNNN
  5. long shot here but does anyone do SFX for films and such? Had a few questions about the Rode Microphones, any of the shotgun mic's. If anyone has tried any of them? I've ever only used sennheiser shot gun mic's but I am trying to purchase one for myself now and I do not have 2.2k dollars just floating around. Anywho my question is if any of you have used Rodes and think it's a good bargain for the price, or if they are super cheap for a reason. I would go to a local music store and try em out but none of any on display around where I live. And excuse me if I am posting in the wrong plaaaaace.
  6. nonono I do understand your argument, but obviously it is being taken seriously if people don't feel they can state their opinions because what he said and that they honestly took offense to it. Just state how much you like it or don't and ignore his opinion if you want. My point is I find it silly someone got banned for stating their opinion, harsh or not. That is all. now ignore me and carry on with your love/hate for this song! As the thread should be about.
  7. I didn't take it as an attack, insult, or ABUSE..... I took it as his opinion, seeing as he isn't serious about shooting people. I took it as someone who couldn't believe others would honestly like that song. That's it. And if I "join him" for agreeing that I don't know why people honestly find that song epic, then that is ridiculous.
  8. Agreed. Freddie is gonna come back from the grave and round kick their heads off. PS. Getting banned for that? srsly? Doesn't surprise me people are still getting banned for silly crap they say. I doubt anyone took luke serious and thought they were gonna get shot for liking a song..
  9. Happy Birthday! Eleven days late... but being late with stuff is fashionable, right?

  10. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :happy:



  11. Thank you Mary for the birthday wishes :) I have been doing pretty good, yourself? I couldn't make any gigs this time sadly, I moved to Florida (which they decided not to come too ksaksjka) and they also decided to start touring around here dead in the middle of my midterms. I can't really miss these this time lol So fingers crossed for next tour. Im very sad i can't make it to any this time but ah well just gives me more to save up for next time :p

  12. Happy Happy Birthday! How ya doin? Any Muse gigs in your future? Hope so!

    Your MuseMom Mary

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