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The Ruled by Secrecy Revival Thread


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Like this one...




Everyone talking deserves to be killed :fear::(

Epic version.:awesome:

And I agree about people needing to be quiet during RBS live.

And while I'm putting that out there, I might as well say it's my least played track on Absolution too. :p

Each to their own I guess.

I think it's a fantastic song,one of my favorites from Absolution.

TOADA and FAWY are the two worst songs from Absolution in my opinion.

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I enjoy it on record if I'm in the right mood, its dark and reflective and gives me goosebumps.

But seeing it live on Saturday was incredible. The stadium went silent in awe of the whole thing. The atmosphere was incredible, half the stadium in tears from the shock of it. It was so spooky, one of the best moments of the best gig of my life.

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I was there for it's glorious revival in Edmonton. It was soundchecked a few hours before the gig and those of us there were pressed up against the doors. I'm sure we looked psycho. :LOL:


Then when he started playing it, we were all :stunned::eek: NO FUCKING WAY! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! :'(


And we got Bliss earlier, such a good (and surprising) gig. :happy:

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I've never listened to the studio version that much but seeing it live has taken it to a whole other level. It's been stuck in my head for days' date=' and not in an annoying way.[/quote']


I started listening to it like manic about a week and a half before the 11th. Very very weird how I start loving it just before I see it :D Rather lucky too as I'd always thought Fury should've been there instead :LOL:

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