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    Im a bit weird, really. I like aliens and conspiracy theories and sci-fi books. Im interested in politics, and a member oif many anti-NWO websites. I love composing, playing and listening to music of all kinds: jazz, classical and rock. Of course, muse are a huge part of my life, and they come into a category of spiritual and deep desire that cannot be explained.
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    My body in Leicester, my heart in Teignmouth, and my soul with Muse for eternity.
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    I play the guitar and piano, I love acting and I love a certain band, dont know if you've ever heard of them...
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    Well I'm at school, but I would like to go into musical theatre and drama.
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    Is this some sort of joke??
    Well, Green Day, Biffy Clyro, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead (and yes, they do sound a little like Muse) Queen and Nirvana, but none can compare to MUSE.
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    Ghost, the Sixth Sense, Sweeny Todd, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Ammegedon (anything end-of-the-world-ish)
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    Primevil, Doctor Who, Armstrong and Miller, New tricks, Waking the Dead... anything with detectives in it...
  • Favourite Books
    American Gods, The Harry Potter Series, 1984 and The Day of the Triffids. Hyperspace by Michio Kaku (a little challenging for my 14 year old self!) and my favoruite series of all time: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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    All albums and DVDs. 5 7" vinyl picture discs: SmHB, Invincible, Resistance, KoC and Starlight. Absolution 12" vinyl, Exogenesis EP 12" vinyl, and signed Muscle Museum 7" vinyl.
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    NIA Birmingham, 10/11/09 :)

    oh my muse its amazingly exciting :)
  1. Dear Muse, Coventury is the closest you've ever been to me since I became a fan 4 years ago. Why you make a gig the day before two of my AS level exams. FML. Guess I'm going to London....
  2. My impression from this (if you dont mind me saying) is that Muse will be playing lots of old stuff, maybe some tracks from OoS that havnt been palyed for a while eg Screenager, Space Dementia etc, will be revistited for the last time. But obviously songs like New Born, Bliss, CE are palyed more so they wouldnt just get rid of favourites. I think itll be really interesting, should be a load of old stuff, and matt could easily go back on what he said, im sure NME are making it seem more dramatic than it is.
  3. Hey, it's Horcrux but I'm going to use this account instead and get the other deleted. :happy:

  4. OH yeah, and I just read ur about Me bit, and I can definately agree with pretty much all the stuff there! Are you still in Exeter/Teignmouth?

  5. Hey, just saw that youv been in Exeter and Teignmouth over the last few days. I live in Exeter. I havent had a chance to go to Mansons since they announced the DL-1 sales, so I was wandering if they had any for display in the Mansons shop? and have they displayed the smashed Glitterati yet? Cheers

  6. Ah sorry, I've been in Teignmouth all week, so I've not had a chance to look at the boards much. Feel free to delete this.
  7. Firstly, I'm very sorry if there's a thread about this already. If so, feel free to delete this. Yesturday I had the chance to visit Mansons guitar shoip in Exeter, which was absolutely amazing. Manson himself is on tour with Them Crooked Vultures at the moment, and somehow I got talking to his second in command. This man made Matt's second keytar, and helped with the Delores and the double necked Manson, so he knows his stuff. He's making any new orders that come in now from the band, as Hugh's away. Anyway, the serious news is, on the first night of Wembley, Matt smashed the Glittari. The design team then made a replacement one, should they not be able to fix it in time. Luckily it was fine for the second night, I believe. However, on the first tour date in America (I assume San Diego, 22/09/10) Matt smashed the orginial Glittari again, and its completely split in two. He's using the replacement at the moment, and as soon as the American tour has finished, its being shipped back to Mansons. The guy in the shop reckons they won't be able to fix it, so they'll display it in the shop beside Matt's other wreckage. Santa is no more Just thought I'd let you all know. And by the way, they let me hold Chris's blue bass used for the recording of OoS, and the following tour
  8. Itl'll be lovely to see an OoS or Showbiz style album, with that level of intimacy and personal, inward lyrics, but with the talent of Muse now, both in song writing and playing.
  9. I enjoy it on record if I'm in the right mood, its dark and reflective and gives me goosebumps. But seeing it live on Saturday was incredible. The stadium went silent in awe of the whole thing. The atmosphere was incredible, half the stadium in tears from the shock of it. It was so spooky, one of the best moments of the best gig of my life.
  10. RULED BY SECRECY. totally blown away, had most of the stadium in tears. amazing how silent 90,000 people can be. It was stunning.
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