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  1. I'm trying to decide when to leave. There's definitely not going to be a support is there? Going to football this afternoon so might just plan to be there at 8.
  2. Don't think I've seen Instant Messenger mentioned yet, that'd be funny. I'd actually love to see Who Knows Who but don't reckon mike skinner would do it so won't vote.
  3. Nothing, but they're not to blame really. I'm not one of the people in question anyway but TM should've designed a better system. Having to enter your R&L ticket number or something like that would've been enough and pretty simple to implement I'd imagine.
  4. Also, I reckon they'll do the gig like they did at R&L for OoS 10 year anniversary. So they'll split it into two halves and play the top 10 fan requested and then do a 10 song normal set.
  5. Can see them all under artist statistics here: http://www.setlist.fm/setlists/muse-53d6ebd5.html Also http://www.musewiki.org/Category:Never_played_live but I'm not sure how up to date that is
  6. Been going through songs to see what I might pick. This is my list so far. FAWY Fury Escape Muscle Museum Sunburn Glorious Map Of Your Head Hyper Chondriac Music Eternally Missed Easily The Groove Hoodoo Crying Shame That means three are going to have to make way.
  7. Very enjoyable evening. Great to see Assassin and Apocalypse Please as I hadn't seen either before. Crowd reaction to Bliss a bit weird, seemed like no one knew it, but didn't stop me loving it. So glad I got a ticket. Also loved the fact that Assassin was played right after JFK, nice little touch.
  8. Would be happy with AP and Assassin tbf. I'd be extremely happy with anything from Showbiz though.
  9. Trying to find a last minute ticket on the cheap side for this. Will be my first time seeing them for a while but really got an urge to. Noticed that they played Sunburn on Tuesday, any oldies expected tonight?
  10. Can't see why you should be sorry for that, not really a problem when this dvd is like the best thing ever. I ripped the audio myself yesterday but it's really quiet compared to the rest of my iTunes. Other than EQ'ing it in iTunes itself, is there anyway to boost each track?
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