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Muse Album Tier list


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In effort to try to get some more activity in this board, check this out and fill one out for yourself. This may have already been done in here but maybe not.


My entry. Rankings go from left to right in each tier category.



I thought about doing this after going back to ST last week in a long drive and realizing that after the dust has settled, years after release I think its their best album since Black Holes. From TR to Drones there are a few really top tier songs scattered (MK Ultra, The Handler) but ST was just more consistent than all three of those albums IMO.

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34 minutes ago, That Little Animal said:

What is "S"? 

S tier being top tier isn't just a thing that's unique to this tiermaker site. It's sort of a common thing in rankings in general. Idk what started it but S is highest tier. I think it stands for Superior?

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