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  1. Tbh after this project I don't want either. If I had to choose I'd say Abso. Though I don't see how they could improve some songs, like RBS.
  2. Plug in Baby sounds terrible without Matt's breaths. Hyper Music sounds better though. Very hit and miss remix album, mostly miss for me so far.
  3. Idk, the new Megalomania sounds lifeless to me. I really don't like it.
  4. Yeah the disrespect he showed to that phasing siren made me a little sad.
  5. Rediscovering how great FAWY is. I overlooked this song for so long when I first listened to Muse, came around to loving it, then largely forgetting about it. The guitar playing in the intro and outro, the chorus synths and Matt's voice just work so well in this track.
  6. This reddit post shows a cool comparison between the two mixes. Hearing them side to side really makes the differences stand out, and makes me appreciate what I like about each version. I'm trying to decide which song I'm most excited to hear in this updated sound. Maybe Megalomania?
  7. The biggest crime about this remix is the name.
  8. Just stopping by to defend GL's honour. Still don't see how it's a bad song, especially compared with 90% of Drones.
  9. I meant the actual remix. But after hearing the new CE I take it back. I'm actually excited to hear the rest. I don't think this will ever replace the original OOS, but it's cool to hear the other ideas they were playing around with at the time. I see it more like that Abbey Road super deluxe album thing that was released by The Beatles a few years ago. What big fan of the album WOULDN'T want to hear some alternate/early takes of it? IMO it's a great experience for the more invested fans. It gives you some insight into the creative process and the other ideas that were rejected or played around with. So I take back my criticism. I'm more excited for this than I was for ST or OOM.
  10. seems like a cash grab tbh
  11. Oh boy. I haven't listened to it yet. Now I'm scared. Original CE mix is probably my favourite of all Muse's dicog. Edit: just listened. Not a huge fan of the new drum sound, but I do really like the tone of the clean guitar after the first chorus. I love the original, but it's cool to hear a different version.
  12. I'm sure these won't become the "official" versions. Hopefully will remain just an alternative version. I'm excited to hear this. Like a harpsichord in Micro Cuts? Hell yeah. And 100% if this had happened in 2011 the hype on this board would have been awesome. RIP.
  13. I really didn't like how harshly he emphasised those ooos either 😂
  14. Yeah tbh I prefer the instrumental version. Matt's young voice on Showbiz is better suited to the song imo. But still cool to hear a piano version. Hopefully we'll get some more of these stripped-down covers.
  15. OK, maybe top 10. Listened to some ST songs today for the first time in months and there are some good tracks on there.
  16. Absolutely love Tomorrow's World and Pray. Both in the top 5 tracks Matt/Muse has made since T2L in my opinion.
  17. Just saw this on Insta, it sounds beautiful! Can't wait for the full version. He said in a comment that it's based off Bach's well-tempered clavier arpeggio pattern.
  18. Showbiz: 1. Showbiz 2. HTAILY 3. Muscle Museum OOS: 1. SD 2. CE 3. Bliss Hullabaloo soundtrack disc 1: 1. Recess 2. Shine (acoustic) 3. Shrinking Universe Absolution: 1. RBS 2. AP 3. Hysteria BHAR: 1. TAB 2. KOC 3. MotP TR: 1. MKU 2. Resistance 3. Uprising T2L: 1. Isolated System 2. Animals 3. Madness Drones: 1. DI 2. The Handler 3. Defector ST: 1. Algorithm 2. TDS 3. BITM
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