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  1. I type this as my cat is sitting on my chest so please forgive any typos. HAT, I meant the rest of OoS was recorded during late 2000 and early 2001, nothing less, nothing more. That time period. The recordings of Bliss and Plug in Baby are quite different to the live versions that preceded them, hence they were re-arranged in studio. Listen to PiB in the video I linked from late 2000, or even read the comments for that matter, it sounds like the album version, not what they had been playing for most of 2000 prior to the Bottril sessions. Yes, the band tried to capture their live sound for the OoS sessions but that's a different issue to how the songs are composed. I don't think we're disagreeing here but you're mis-interpreting a lot of things I've written. edit: I'm currently just four miles from real world studios!
  2. Oh stupid me, I bloody forgot, Futurism was produced by Bottrill, so that must be what "The Other" is above.
  3. Okay here's the timeline (which is quite clear on the musewiki page for origin): October 2000, Muse go into the sudio with Bottrill. PiB, NB, DS, Bliss and possibly some other song, are recorded while the band were high on Mushrooms. Some songs like PiB and Bliss are re-arranged from the versions the band had being played live. Late October 2000, Muse go back on tour with PiB played with the OoS album arrangement rather than the showbiz tour arrangement. Refer to: Late 2000-Early 2001, Muse return to the studio with John Cornfield and remix (not re-record) the songs from the David Botttrill sessions owing too many overdubs and poor mixing. The rest of the album is recorded and mixed during this time. I honestly don't see where there is definitive proof of OoS demo's being left on the cutting room floor though I think it's a great shame there is no disc with the 2000 era live performances of OoS material but alas youtube has plenty of that material anyway.
  4. They are the recordings on OoS but different mixes with a couple of overdubs. The late 2000 live versions are based on these. You can find the club Quattro Gig on YouTube and listen for yourself. The other MM is the 2nd single release which should be available somewhere on YouTube. There's also another take on one of the showbiz b-sides. For Bliss PiB and Newborn demos, there are numerous good quality live versions widely available. It's a shame the live versions aren't on the box set, I'd much prefered remastered versions of those as opposed to reading 2011.
  5. I don't think these are Demo's. OoS was being recorded during this period. I assume these are from the David Bothril session who's credited with producing NewBorn, Bliss, Plug In Baby and Darkshines. I woonder if one of the PiB mixes is of 2000 -era version of the song. No idea what the other is though.....
  6. Well Christmas is the usual time for these things, gifts and all that. Though knowing Matt I can see it delayed further. They were talking about packaging in last December....
  7. Why's that? ( I'm beginning like origin of Muse is becoming akin to Chinese Democracy....)
  8. wow, that's pretty shit really though the Psycho video from Glasgow is a thing of beauty.....
  9. Seems a bit light at 20 minutes. Anyone find any easter eggs?
  10. It doesn't really fit. It reminds me of that bit in interstellar where the female scientist says something like "Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space." It just sounds so out of place. If love was the key, it would have set him free. The system didn't make the protagonist stop loving anymore, his love stops because he gets rejected and then he joins the system for some vague reason. Love doesn't really gets mentioned until 'aftermath' which seems a bit tacked on if you ask me. For me this so called love story doesn't really fit in with the narrative. If you look at 1984, love flourishes in spite of the system but is then used to crush the protagonist. That makes sense in terms of the over arching theme of the book.
  11. Aw, don't get so agitated. People are allowed to disagree with you you know. No need to get so snarky and condescending. He can write whatever lyrics he wants but what I disagree with is shoehorning them into a concept where they don't really fit. And I don't have to like them either. I guess this is just a difference in taste between those who like Muse's love song side and their crazy conspiracy side.
  12. Well yes actually. That's why it's called a 'concept', you don't put bits in that have nothing to do with the concept! Again, I just think the concept was tacked at the the end rather from being there from the beginning....
  13. Because they're obviously personal songs for Matt and link back to the decay of his relationship with Kate Hudson. The drones reference is just inserted into the lyrics to attempt to create a false sense of continuity.
  14. Loves who though? If everyone else is still in the system and he then goes and destroys the world, it doesn't make sense. Is he trying to lull people into a false sense of security. I reckon listening to Aftermath is what makes everyone in the world kill themselves but that's just a theory....
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