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  1. Showbiz: 1. Showbiz 2. HTAILY 3. Muscle Museum OOS: 1. SD 2. CE 3. Bliss Hullabaloo soundtrack disc 1: 1. Recess 2. Shine (acoustic) 3. Shrinking Universe Absolution: 1. RBS 2. AP 3. Hysteria BHAR: 1. TAB 2. KOC 3. MotP TR: 1. MKU 2. Resistance 3. Uprising T2L: 1. Isolated System 2. Animals 3. Madness Drones: 1. DI 2. The Handler 3. Defector ST: 1. Algorithm 2. TDS 3. BITM
  2. I'm starting to feel really jealous
  3. post it here when you do pls
  4. OOS TR Absolution BHAR Showbiz ST T2L Drones
  5. I won't be able to get my hands on this, sadly. Just happy to see that you're enjoying it. And feel really bad for those whose orders are delayed.
  6. I've always loved Con-science. Interesting to hear how much he loves that song. And Muscle Museum doesn't have a big hook??
  7. Gutted by what? Edit: just saw your post further on about how they aren't in the box. Annoyingly, I can't delete my post. Also, in what way does Sober sound different?
  8. Does the board keep signing other people out too? Despite selecting "keep me logged in"?
  9. Jesus, that's really bad. I'm sorry 😕 i don't know who else you'd contact. But wow that's a lot of money.
  10. Either way I'm looking forward to the release. Especially the new tracks. I don't think OOS needs a remaster. And I like Showbiz how it is too.
  11. Woah, from this century? 😮 I think you mean decade 1. Isolated System 2. Animals 3. Survival With others being Madness, Dead Inside, and Algorhythm
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