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  1. Almost all the B-sides and bonus tracks are on YT
  2. Ruled by Secrecy. It's beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing. I don't know if anyone else does this when listening to a song but sometimes I focus on one aspect or instrument (while still taking in the rest of the song but not in as much detail). For example I'll focus on the drums, the bass, or the two together, or the vocals, the piano or synths , the rhythm, etc. And in RBS every single aspect I focus on is just amazing. The vocals are fantastic. The rhythm section is so great, and I especially love the symbols in the last few seconds of the song. But what really stood out to me yesterday when listening for the first time in probably 2 years was the piano. I love the juxtaposition of the ascending piano arpeggio in one ear panned against a descending one in the other, throughout the verses. Then how these build in the chorus before quieting down again for the second verse. Then after the second chorus the piano just explodes (it feels like an explosion, honestly) into that beautiful, rich and haunting melody. And then it just continues to dizzyingly satisfying heights as the piano notes go to a higher octave to match Matt's powerful vocals in the final chorus, before winding down beautifully again to that eerie, short outro. It's what I think The Void wishes it was. And how I wish The Void was. Not that TV is bad, but RBS is just a masterpiece. It still frustrates me when music meme pages shit on Muse as a joke band, being a lesser Radiohead or something like that. They're two very different bands. I agree their later stuff is not in the league of Radiohead. But I find it strange how people can listen to songs like RBS and think it's lesser than something Radiohead put out. Not that RH is the gold standard of music. But to me RBS is similar, sonically, to some RH songs that are considered fantastic.
  3. Oh God I've made a fool of myself. In the original post I thought you were calling Muse sharky, lol. Still getting used to the new board and completely missed your name. Sorry about that.
  4. Also I may be wrong but the word "sharky" to me implies the cash grab people were referring to in response to you.
  5. I hope this will be available on Spotify. The boxset will be madly expensive.
  6. I couldn't disagree more.
  7. Still one of my top 3 Muse songs and probably will always be, along with Space Dementia and RBS.
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