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  1. I really didn't like how harshly he emphasised those ooos either 😂
  2. Yeah tbh I prefer the instrumental version. Matt's young voice on Showbiz is better suited to the song imo. But still cool to hear a piano version. Hopefully we'll get some more of these stripped-down covers.
  3. OK, maybe top 10. Listened to some ST songs today for the first time in months and there are some good tracks on there.
  4. Absolutely love Tomorrow's World and Pray. Both in the top 5 tracks Matt/Muse has made since T2L in my opinion.
  5. Just saw this on Insta, it sounds beautiful! Can't wait for the full version. He said in a comment that it's based off Bach's well-tempered clavier arpeggio pattern.
  6. Showbiz: 1. Showbiz 2. HTAILY 3. Muscle Museum OOS: 1. SD 2. CE 3. Bliss Hullabaloo soundtrack disc 1: 1. Recess 2. Shine (acoustic) 3. Shrinking Universe Absolution: 1. RBS 2. AP 3. Hysteria BHAR: 1. TAB 2. KOC 3. MotP TR: 1. MKU 2. Resistance 3. Uprising T2L: 1. Isolated System 2. Animals 3. Madness Drones: 1. DI 2. The Handler 3. Defector ST: 1. Algorithm 2. TDS 3. BITM
  7. I'm starting to feel really jealous
  8. post it here when you do pls
  9. OOS TR Absolution BHAR Showbiz ST T2L Drones
  10. I won't be able to get my hands on this, sadly. Just happy to see that you're enjoying it. And feel really bad for those whose orders are delayed.
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