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Bad performance of a guy who thought sing as well as muse's singer


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:LOL: I've seen that. And this:


:fear: You though Muse's version was bad. :noey:


Actually, I thought Muse's version was good :yesey:


And this version isn't too bad either, actually. If you close your eyes then it actually sounds pretty good, though he sounds castrated. And the trumpets and stuff kinda makes it better.

But it's of course not as good as Muse! #needsmoremegaphone

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since you're getting other covers in here..

Don't know if you have seen this.




I talked to this girl at Rock In Rio. She interviewed some of us. She had Showbiz and OoS in her hands, someone had given them to her. He were talking and she started singing a bit of FG and i just :facepalm: And told her my feelings about the song and the cds she was holding. Very nice girl. though

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It's Adam Lambert. She He came in second place in American Idol, I think. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Muse gave the song Soaked to her him :facepalm:




His voice just sounds so manufactured to me. The vibrato sounds too deliberate and not natural at all, IMHO.


(Of course, I have a 4yo boy next to me singing, "I want to exorcize the violence in your heart." :LOL: Little kids just take it to the next level.)

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I should probably post this in the bad covers-thread (and I'm sure someone has), but speaking of painful:





He must pay Muse some royalties for using their song, right? God, I hope he pays extra as an apology for murdering that song :LOL:


I don't even hate Adam Lambert (I actually like his version of "Soaked"). He's okay... but THAT definately is NOT okay :noey::LOL:

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