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  1. MGMT isn't really rock... and I don't think many teens who also listen to Taylor Swift, Kesha etc. listen to them, do they? Muse probably aren't going to win this it's more likely Train or Paramore will.
  2. One time I found a dead squirrel and named it Dominic.
  3. I am part of a Go-Club at my school (it's a Japanese boardgame). And we were playing our iPods on some speakers and I let them pick a song off of mine and they chose Hysteria ! Then we started talking about Muse and I played Darkshines and one kid said "I used to hear that song on the radio!" I started freaking out and said,"OMGTHEY PLAYED THIS ON THE RADIO?!" Him: "Yeah I think it was a college station." Me: "That is soo cool!" It was a pretty awesome day
  4. Probably the best song on Absolution. It sounds so pretty and sad.
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