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Well, I had a weird dream about  „Won‘t stand down“  last night….

I went to a record store to buy the  7“ 🧐 I went to a restaurant, put it on and listened with other fans but I didn‘t know them, they were sitting on the next table. 
ok. The first 5 min were instrumental 🤯 then you heard somebody, nobody from the band, laugh on the record and say „Oh! I forgot to add the vocal parts!“ 🤣

Then it went on for about 1 min, with some vocals, but it sounded nothing like this snippet we heard in Matts video…. the fans kept looking at each other, laughing, disturbed…. and right before it started to get interesting, a new part, I woke up 😫

In my deeam I thought about how the radio would play this weird song…would they just leave out the instrumentsl part?? 😂



fingers crossed for this song to be epic 🥳

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