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Hi everyone,


In the last vew weeks I met allot of #musers on twitter,and I am just curious if you are also here on the Muse forum.

Realing hoping to meet you here too :D


My name on twitter is ConnectWithMuse by the way ;) XD


Hi there. We've recently started following each other. :D


My twitter name is almost the same as here (I'm at http://twitter.com/bellamyzetagrl )

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I think some of you are following me


I'm Cylux btw incase some of you arent :p



Lucy ! I blame you for my constant Hyperventilation :D No more Bellamy Pictures Spam :happy:


<---- the same nickname.

massive friendship between musers on twitter. :yesey:


Masha ! SEX IN PAIN ! get in my mouth :D

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