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Hey, I think I know some of you guys! :)

I'm @apingmysoul

Hey #musers.

my twitter is http://www.twitter.com/K_Muser :D

This is bad. 3 years of an unused Twitter account and now I'm going to be an addict. I hate it though. I'm too talkative for Twitter. It limits me and tries to force me into chatspeak. I HATE chatspeak. :phu:

Aha you love my pic spams though :p

seems like i know almost everyone who posts here. oh. :LOL:

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I think some of you are following me


I'm Cylux btw incase some of you arent :p


<--------- click the pretty symbol :p


ive talked to some of you guys already, though,so you might know me :)

also, i sometimes write about other stuff than muse too, but wont bother with making another account, so ;) have to remember those damned passwords:eek:



:LOL: I love how I've been following you guys for the longest time and I had no idea half of you were boardies! Yay for #muser love!

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