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    my name is katelyn.
    im an aspiring photographer.
    im gig obsessed.
    i love muse & the killers.
    i live in texas.
    im pretty nice.
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    the killers
    franz ferdinand
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    thats a tough one.
    i love films in general.
  • Favourite TV Shows
    family guy.
    ghost hunters.
  • Favourite Books
    Harry Potter :)
    the lovely bones
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    i have almost all the cd's
    i love vinyls but dont own any yet
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    houston 3/19/2009
    ft worth 3/18/2009
    frisco 4/20/2007
    dallas 2005
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  1. Your Muse avatar is so cuute!! :D I love it!! Dom and his dog!! :happy: <33

  2. no prob, usually if you just look a little bit there is more than likely a thread for it

  3. thanks I am new to the forum thing, didn't realize they had a specific thread.

  4. Happy birthday! :D:party:

  5. Oh, happy birthday! :party::D

  6. Hey, girl! Thanks for friend request ^_^ :D

  7. That would be awesome. :D

  8. lol im gonna have to do it, if brandon tours here and i meet him im def going to. same with muse lol i know theyll be here in the fall theyre just a tad harder to meet lol

  9. If you do that, Muse AND Killers fans will love you forever. You'll be a legend. :chuckle:

  10. yeah there someone between them :indiff: lol but atleas theyre in it together lol. man if i meet either band again anytime soon im telling them they need to take a pic together

  11. I think it was just Matt and Mark but they are not sitting right next to each other. :indiff: I remember because I posted it on my forum and was saying, "They are not sitting together BUT two of my favorite people in the world are in the same pic!" :chuckle:

  12. omg i knoooooow!! thatd be the best pic everrrrr, the only one ive seen is Mark in one with Matt and i think Dom too.

    they need to collaborate on a song :happy:

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