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MUSE In Popular Video Games (Thoughts & Opinions)

Killer Rabbit

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Hello all!


I searched around this forum, and I didn't see a topic about this.


As some of you may (or may not) be aware, there are music video games ("Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero") out there that let you play virtual instruments along with songs by popular artists.


Muse's music has appeared in both of these games.



The song "Hysteria" is playable on the European disc of Rock Band, and is available as Downloadable Content (DLC) for North American Rock Band players.


in Rock Band


However, this is not enough Muse for players of Rock Band. A whole community of Muse fans has emerged on the Rock Band forums asking the makers of the game to add more tracks. There is a thread in which over 2,000 players have petitioned for more Muse songs to be added. If you already play Rock Band, please feel free to add your voice here:





If you don't play Rock Band, you can help out your fellow Muse fans by using the Rock Band request a song feature here:




(You don't need to sign up for the forums to use it)




Muse songs have also appeared in the competing Guitar Hero franchise.



is a playable track in Guitar Hero III


(A number of players feel that this song was charted in such a way as to artificially amp up the difficulty on plastic guitar and doesn't reflect the way it is played on a real instrument. I don't see it, but maybe you do.)



and "Stockholm Syndrome" were part of a DLC pack for Guitar Hero III.


(Again, a few players doubt that these charts accurately reflect for plastic guitar the difficulty of "playing" these songs. I'll just let you be the judge.)



was featured in Guitar Hero: World Tour (aka Guitar Hero 4). This was the second time Muse appeared in a game in which everyone could play as part of a full band (their first appearance was "Hysteria" in Rock Band - already mentioned above).



was featured in Guitar Hero 5. This one is special because this game features a 'cameo' by an in-game avatar of Matt Bellamy. Sadly, Chris & Dom do not appear. (I apologize that this video only shows guitar, and not the other instruments).




I know this has been a wall of text post, but I wanted to be as informative as possible for those of you who might not know about these things.


Personally, I think it's cool that there are video games that let you feel like you are "playing" these songs. We can't all be Matt, Dom and Chris (even if we want to be).


Also, these games have been gateways into getting people into bands they might not have heard or been aware of. If they get people to listen to Muse's music, that's a good thing.


So, what do you guys think about Muse's music being in popular video games?

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IGN rated KoC as the 3rd most "fun to play" song of all guitar hero songs...or something like that.


The songs are definitely fun. I don't know about the "it's overcharted/undercharted" business. I find the music makes for a good time.




I looked around and didn't find anything. Sorry if I copied your thread.



ya i check the rock band muse forum almost everyday (for those how go on a lot im Dr.RockBand) and we need more muse in rock band! i hope someone from muse sees these threads.


It is interesting to me how these games have contributed to Muse's popularity (especially here in the U.S.).


I was looking on MuseWiki, and found this image. It's from the back of a promo CD that Warner made for DJs to promote Muse on the radio. Next to the song titles, it says where it was featured in other media.

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how mature...:LOL:


would defo like to see muse in rock band or guitar hero to be honest. i have one and a friend has the other so not fussed which. i know it makes them more commercial and some would throw the words "sell out" but whatever. its a music game :) not some teeny bopper film ...oh wait...

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Since Muse have got a lot more popular in the US


This is something I wanted to talk about.


From what I've seen, these types of games (and obviously the songs included) have helped Muse breakthrough in the U.S. (or at least, made more people aware of their existence).



Also (as much as it saddens me) the inclusion of the band's music in the Twilight movies has helped. Although, I die a little bit each time I hear someone refer to "Supermassive Black Hole" as "The Twilight Baseball Song".

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actually sober was in gran turismo 3 i believe :erm:


You know, that's a game my roommate seems like she would've played...and she downloads songs from the games she plays, but she didn't seem to recognize the song when I was screaming/dancing/singing along Sober in my room last night. :erm:


I'm not doubting you, I just think it's strange. I'll have to ask her about that when she gets back. :p

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Oy! :facepalm:


This thread is not going at all the way I intended it.



I wanted to talk about how Muse's music (and in Matt's case, image) are used in video games.


I mean, some would think it's negative in that they start getting known as "the band from that game" and people only know those particular songs and don't give others a chance.



For example, look at what has happened to "Supermassive Black Hole" as a result of it's inclusion on the "Twilight" soundtrack.



I can see both sides of the coin here.

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Muse rocks! I have all their release and it was really tight! My brother introduced their music to me, It was pretty ,loud but really fun to listen to. What's up with them lately?


The Muse are great, I'm not here at al to advertice a website...

*insert website link here*

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