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    I'm Emma. I pretty much worship Muse. I play the guitar, read/watch/draw anime and manga, I play video games and not much else really...
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    Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix Queen, Coldplay, The Killers, Flight of the Conchords
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    -Origin of Symmetry
    -Hullaballoo CD/DVD
    -Black Holes and Revelations CD with DVD
    - Resistance (+ making of)
    - Absolution tour DVD
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    23rd of January 2010 at the Sydney Big Day Out
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  1. haha, famous not really ;) Still weird to see my face on a Twitpic.

  2. I saw your tattoo in the thread and then saw you in twitpics. Very lucky! You're famous now!

  3. Ahh conversations can go on for so long when it comes to the 'true' fans. I've learned (after many a long rant) that you can't change people and their attitudes. So I just ignore them. By debating about this, it's probably just adding fuel to their fire. Many people are young on the board and their hormones are crazy so it's all "I LOVE MAFOO" "NO, DOMMEH IS DA BEST" I like the songs I like. Sometimes I get a little disgruntled about what people say but I'm here to discuss the band. If there are wankers out there, well, I've just gotta ignore them.
  4. DAMN RIGHT YOU CAN! Go for it. I'm happy that you like it!

  5. Hi!

    Is it alright with you if I use your Lolz pic as an avatar in another forum?

    It made me laugh lots!!!

  6. I got a free highlighter that had a set of sticky notes that could be pulled out from in the pen. When I finally discovered how to do this I was even more amazed at the back of the sticky notes. I think it is exactly the same writing as the old muse logo from Origin of Symmetry.
  7. I always thought that a fan wrote it to them and they signed it.
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