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Helsinki Jam?


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Does anyone know of a drum tab for this? I've worked out something similar but it doesn't sound as good as Dom's and I can't quite work out the off beat snares he does when he's playing on the crash.


Dont know, but would love to get a copy of it unless i figure it out first.. its got a great bassline to it as well :)

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I know I know people are prob sick of seeing this thread. But i'v used the search and can't realy see the previous thread touching on this part of helsinki just the tab.


I know Its played using 2 amps But can anyone else tell me the type of effects.


I take it its and octave and the distortion. But which distortion does he use? Russian big muffs or the Human Gear Animato Distortion?


Now i heard people usnig the octaver pedals but when i use it, it doesn't sounds right. So is it an otave down or up? Or does he have one amp down and the other normal?


Now if i was to replicate this myself ould anyone else me find some good setting? I only have one amp combo but can't seem to get the right sound


Pedals i have are bass Big muff, Octaver, Boss Overdrive, compressor/sustainer, bass synth wah. I have more but none that would be helpful.


What good amps setting would be good and what good distortion setting would be good?


Any help is appreciated

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