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  1. I heard you like halo

  2. Looking for a cort mbc-1, anyone willing to part with one?
  3. Sooo...2019 MAs now live on the website. thoughts??
  4. Looking for a fuzz factory. Sell me one pls pref a vertical one for pedalboard anality reasons
  5. That prick is still on my list. That access virus is long gone though, i do miss that.
  6. On the phone to mansons today, thats all they said. ‘Stay tuned’
  7. So there is a new series of MA coming in march it seems...
  8. Could you do a demo? Post it on IG if you want and i’ll see it there
  9. Imagine my surprise having not been on here in ages that its no longer board.muse.mu 🤢 glad the board has been updated though, it’s been a long time how are we all? Anyone else returned? james, did you ever find a demo of the Mother Superior? I still havent decided if i am pulling the trigger or not on an Ma-2. longest decision making process EVER
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