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  1. Maybe for their arena tour, the pop stuff with come back into the setlist, but considering it is download, I can see the setlist being more rock focused than the pop stuff.
  2. Not all the way through it yet but I'm glad that Matt has said that he will be incorporating a few of the rarer tracks into future shows. My guess, Agitated, Fury and bliss
  3. Thats why I love the transition from microcuts to Stockholm syndrome from haarp
  4. Nargh, considering how long it was till he told people, Alibros was clearly just doing it for the attention. For something as trivial as this, it really wasn't worth 2-3 pages to get the answer
  5. Wrong section to post this in. this should be in the kits and tabs section. If there is no notes or sharps then my guess is that the sheet music you have has the key signature set at the beginning of the measure. Which means you don't have to write the accidentals in the sheet music as it's already advised you what scale you should be using. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_signature Use the below link should visually show you what key signature does. Click on each sentence http://www.musictheory.net/lessons/24
  6. Why are you implying that I called or implied in anyway that I called you bitter? Completly different person who pulled you up on that What I said was an opinion based on this how "elite/true fan" shit that spreads around fan base and for some reason you took that as an attack on you? Edit: I am bitter about it. Going to a muse gig and not seeing my favourite songs played. How can I not be bitter about that
  7. That's what really annoyed me about the last tour actually. I saw them at when the tour kicked off and it was a very average setlist. Nothing special to what I've seen before. For them to, by the end of it, change it up and randomly through out songs like deadstar, agitated, yes please, futurism etc.
  8. Wow, Someone has a stick up ones arse don't they. Who said I was speaking about people on this board? I gave my opinion based on the concept of the self claim of being a true fan. No idea why YOU took it so personal and used Laungage that would suggest aggression
  9. 'real fans' or 'elitest fans' is a shit concept that people like to bring up to specify a "fan since.." date. Other than that it gives them no real status other than bragging rights and even then, so what if you were a fan first. Makes no difference I've been a fan since 2003, but I don't bring it up or call myself a true fan or elitest just because I like their heavier stuff. It's just personal preference p.s I don't think people on hear call themselves true fans anyway. I've never seen it anyway
  10. I'm hoping they will use the festival to promote the new songs but will give themselves the freedom to play whatever song they want outside of that (as most people won't be paying soley to see them, so why not fuck about with the setlist). Whereas for the full Drones tour they will probably cater the setlist to the general fan base and not the hardcore fans.
  11. Do you think they will carry over some of these songs into their festival tour this year? Or do you think this small tour will be the only time some of these are played for the next few years
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