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  1. The band's performance on this DVD is top notch - and Matt's vocals...wow. Absolutely great!
  2. I was at the gig...I enjoyed the Dead Star riff, it was cooler than a Deftones riff! Plus that show was phenomenal - I know some people have issues with the song choices but the performances that Muse (especially Matt) are putting on are out of this world!
  3. Any idea where Muse'll be hanging out after the show? Think they'll go to the MIX (top floor club at the Mandalay) or go to another Playboy Party?
  4. Maroon 5 played 17 songs when I saw them at Mandalay Bay.
  5. I see the Muse mob is growing in the venue. I personally will be enjoying the day in Vegas and strolling in right before Dead Sara yay seated tickets!
  6. Section 117, Row B. Can't wait, should be a good view and can't wait for the show! I wanted a full view of all the visuals
  7. Do you even like Matt's vocals? His tone, in the grand scheme of things, has only changed slightly...a little less whiny and nasally to a deeper, more mature voice.
  8. I am looking to get Good Seats (not GA), do you guys think I will get better seats in the Muse pre-sale today or during the on-sale on Friday? Looking to get 4 for my family.
  9. Just because you don't like some of the songs on an album doesn't make it a "collection of songs". I much rather listen to Muse dabble in several styles than just stick to one sound. They've been doing that all along. If I wanted to listen to the same song over and over again I would put on some AC/DC.
  10. I don't see how the HAARP era is really any more nasally than Showbiz or OoS. Matt had a ton of energy back then but his voice, IMO, has gotten more refined, full, and distinctive each album...except maybe on the Resistance, felt like he was holding back a little on that one.
  11. I would love to see Chris write more music, but let Matt sing it
  12. People just got on Matt's case near the end of a long touring cycle. The guy's got chops!
  13. His chest notes definitely sound the best on The 2nd Law. Smooth and powerful!
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