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    I live in Australia, Im originally English, I play guitar, I like listening to music :)
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    Playing Guitar, Listening to Music, Writing songs
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    Muse, Green Day, Rise Against, Nickelback, AC/DC, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Who, Queen, Foo Fighters
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    Dark Knight, Saving Private Ryan,
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Heroes, Supernatural, Family Guy, Two and A Half Men
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    A wide variety. I love reading books like Band Of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, also like the Harry Potter books and Steven King
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Albums: Showbiz, Origin Of Symmetry, Absolution, Black holes and revelations, HAARP.

    Singles: Knights Of Cydonia, Starlight, Time Is Running out, Hysteria, New Born
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    Hopefully if they come to Aus on their tour ill see them :)
  1. 1. Knights of Cydonia 2. Map of the Problematique + Who Knows Who Riff 3. Dead Star (lasers) 4. MK Ultra 5. Kaoss Jam + Supermassive Black Hole 6. Interlude + Hysteria + Back in Black Riff 7. Bliss (extended + falsetto) 8. Butterflies and Hurricanes 9. United States of Eurasia 10. Ruled by Secrecy 11. Feeling Good 12. MK Jam 13. Undisclosed Desires 14. New Born (lasers) + Headup riff 15. Starlight 16. Time is Running Out + Jimmy Jam 17. Citizen Erased 18. Assassin (extended) 19. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffsgasm 20.Showbiz 21.Plug In Baby 22. Take a Bow (lasers)
  2. :O haven't been on here in agess good to see you on here :) if you haven't already then add me :D

  3. Heyy Tiffx from GDC.

  4. On Guitar Sober New Born And the live tapping Bliss Plug In baby Micro Cuts Citizen erased Feeling Good Stockholm Syndrome Time Is Running Out Hysteria Thoughts of A Dying Atheist Butterflies and Hurricanes Knights of Cydonia Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Exo Politics Take a Bow Assassin Invincible City of Delusion Map of the Problematique Unnatural Selection Uprising Resistance Mk Ultra Guiding Light Exo Part 1 & 2 Dead Star Fury Who Knows Who Riff Popcorn Piano ( not that good at it) New Born intro (not very well mind you) Resistance Intro (also not too well) Starlight Intro Feeling Good (not bad at this one =) ) Bass ( Dont own one but learned bass lines on my friends one) Hysteria Dead Star Knights of Cydonia Who Knows Who Riff New born Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Time Is Running Out
  5. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/muse/helsinki_jam_btab.htm Bass tab
  6. Life is good thanks! How about you?

  7. Hello there hope life is good.

  8. Heyy!

    I sure am from the GDC.

    Haha, I should totally keep tally of how many people ask me if I'm the same person from another forum.

  9. Hey are you watsername182 from GDC??????


    (if u are add me im Jack96 on there)

  10. Showbiz: Cave OoS: Micro Cuts Absolution: Stockholm Syndrome BH&R: KoC B-Side: The Groove Hullabaloo: Dead Star The Resistance: Guiding Light
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