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Muse spoof trailers


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Cheers L!! :D


yeah it was, from the footage you sent me for the DVD. Would you like a name credit in the description?


Nah, just wanted to check if I recognised correctly! :D


btw those SIA's at the end are just :LOL:


Thanks again, it's nice to have all the latest muse funny moments together on one video.

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Okay, so it's like 1:20am & i'm shattered but I can't stop watching these videos. They're brilliant & I can't stop laughing :LOL:


The musicman one was especially epic :p


Kudos to you for making them, you have awesome editing skills :)


omg ditto :LOL::LOL::LOL:

except it's 1:40am now

those funny moment videos are just gold lmfao


question is now.. will i be able to stop myself randomly laughing tomorow after remembering the sit the fuck down video... :chuckle:

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My latest edit see's what it would be like if we channel surfed TV which is entirely Muse based.



omg I cannot stop laughing :LOL:


I don't know which one is the best!!!


Special mention to Durex :eyebrows: , accident helpline, Toys R Us, New Look... but srsly all of them :LOL:


As usual brilliant Liam... with adverts like that I would never go for a loo break!

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I've put the dr who one back up now for a limited time, because warner got funny about that one before.. maybe because theyre in it :p


Fantastic! Thanks Liam!:D Maybe if you took Warner out they wouldn't delete it. And then we could still watch Matt making a very good Dr Who! :D I noticed that he's much better looking than David Tennant btw!:D The best bit is the Wooah from Crazy Kids, it fits so well! It is funny that Warner are the enemy though!

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