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  1. *cries because I have not logged onto the forums in eons and I have missed this stupid shit*

  2. I used it once ....didn't care for it. :supersad:

  3. Oh, yay! :happy: Is there a membership I can have stating that I am slag and have slag duties?

  4. Excuuuuse me, sire!


    I still love you, though. Even if you are right.

  5. USE A TARDIS! OR YOUR DELICIOUS SUPER POWERS! ... Or perhaps a jet plane. :yesey:


    :supersad:? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


    (Yes, I'm being whiney tonight, bite me.)

  6. :supersad: Then come hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :supersad:
  7. ????????? Why you :supersad:? :(

  8. I made a lame-o one to stalk muse and david tennant!

  9. omg guess what?!



    I just had trifle for dessert. :cool::yesey:




  10. omq. You said hello to me.

  11. :eyebrows:?


    OMQ I WILL. I just did. :LOL: I love looking at popular quotes ... "I cried sexily." :LOL: YES. :awesome:

  12. You weren't wearing leather, were you? Because then you're just seen as a slutty catwoman.

  13. How are you, Seth? :awesome:

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