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    Other than being a Muser I'm a Villa fan, film nerd/buff and a Star Wars nerd/buff. Play piano, currently learning bass.
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  1. Just managed to get 2 standing tickets using the Members presale link, just in case anybody had given up hope yesterday...
  2. Too late to the party I think? I didn't receive an email, but I was sent the link in a private message. I'm just getting a greyed out 'Full Price Ticket' thing. Anybody got a spare ticket
  3. I think it's also the fact that the code was generic and didn't offer any exclusivity to long term fans. The Psycho Tour was handled much better and I see no reason why this couldn't have been the same. Add on top of that the constantly changing ticket prices and then the website not refreshing until 10 minutes after the presale was supposed to start - I'd say people are justified in being annoyed.
  4. Onsale to General Public Start: Fri 07/07/17, 09:00 Reading & Leads Presale Start: Wed 05/07/17, 10:00 End: Fri 07/07/17, 09:00 Muse Fan Club Presale Start: Wed 05/07/17, 09:00 End: Fri 07/07/17, 09:00 This has appeared again...
  5. I'd pay to just see CE live in fairness, best thing they've ever done in my opinion. Nah SS has become a rarity, only played it 8 times on this tour. Yeah I wasn't expecting JFK to lead into SS but it worked better than Prelude into Starlight. Still, I feel interludes should always lead into the songs they're written for, feels like an anticlimax otherwise. Yeah MOTP was a staple for a while too but I haven't seen it the last 5/6 times so it was nice to hear it again, like bumping into an old friend.
  6. Lack of Hysteria upsets me. Even though I've seen it every other time, it feels strange to not have it. SS, CE and MOTP make up for it though I suppose. But Prelude into Starlight is awful. Just plain awful!
  7. So what about Nothing But Thieves playing in Manchester on 2nd Apr, the same night they're now supporting Muse in Birmingham? I was offered tickets to go to that but had to turn it down cuz I already had my Muse tickets. Bit harsh on their fans if they cancel that show to support Muse dontcha think?
  8. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust David Bowie - Starman Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure Will probably add to this...but just off the top of my head now
  9. 2nd Law Tour was at NEC (LG Arena), which is a different venue out by the airport. The Resistance Tour was at the NIA (Barclaycard Arena). The atmosphere/crowd were just as good as any other gig I've been to, and the debut of MK Ultra sent people into a frenzy.
  10. 2 standing, ridiculously simple compared to previous presale. Seems as though this announcement has gone slightly under the radar
  11. Buzzing for this! Going to Perugia for my girlfriends best friends wedding on 15th, and then extending the trip to Rome for 5 nights so we can fit Muse in as well :D:D Always wanted to see Muse in Italy
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